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Teleporter Worm

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Tyranids do not use a mechanical teleport system like the Imperium, but travel by means of the Teleporter Worm, a bio-construct that has the main part of its body, as well as most of its internal passages and organs, within in the warp and only the ends of its many hollow feelers in realspace. These feelers attach themselves to different parts of the hive ship and a cyst grows where they burst through. These are the openings to the Tyranids' teleporter system. Tyranids can enter these cysts and pass through the hollow tubes. Because both the Tyranids and the Worm are part of the hive mind, the Tyranids can direct their movement though the Worm's body in the warp to reappear at another pint in the hive ship.[1a]

The feelers are sensitive to secretions given off by the Tyranids; if something that doesn't have the secretions enters a teleporter cyst, it is sent directly into one of the Worm's many digestive sacs. There it is trapped, stranded in the warp to be slowly consumed by the Teleporter Worm. The Worm's digestive juices are not strong enough to break down armor so it closes off the sacs containing armour-clad victims, eventually expelling the indigestible mass months, years, or even centuries later. Strange alien artifacts and creatures long-dead enclosed in armour of unknown materials are occasionally found near teleporter cysts.[1a]

The Teleporter Nexus is the controlling hub of the teleporter system within the hive ship. Like the smaller cysts spread thought the ship, its orifices are extensions in realspace of the Teleporter Worm. The Nexus itself is a very sensitive organ; any damage done to the Nexus will cause the Worm to pull back its tentacles into the safety of the warp. This leaves the cysts thought the ship as decaying cancerous growths in the floor of the hive ship.[1b]

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