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The Battle of the Fang
The Fell Handed.jpg
Date M32
Location Fenris
Outcome Space Wolves victory
Thousand Sons Cropped.jpg Thousand Sons SpaceWolves.png Space Wolves
Magnus the Red
Ahmuz Temekh
Herume Aphael (d)
Vaer Greyloc (d)
Bjorn the Fell-Handed
Hrar Thraldir (d)
approx. 700 Legionaries
2 million Spireguard plus armour and artillery
Cataphract Robot Maniple
12th Great Company, plus 11 Dreadnoughts and 6 Rune Priests
Kaerl defence forces plus ad hoc armed units
Underfang beast packs
Majority of Spireguard units and Robot Maniples destroyed or abandoned. Several Sorcerers and Rubric Marines slain. Only 22 surviving Astartes; 3 surviving Dreadnoughts. Huge numbers of losses amongst the Kaerls.