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Detailed explanation:

The information listed in this section can be not official - that means it is not explicitly confirmed or sanctioned by Games Workshop, its subsidiaries or licensees. Some of this information (especially information regarding possible inspirations, allusions, references) can also not be regarded as in-universe information, as it was never officially established that the Warhammer 40,000 universe is actually a fictional future of "our real" Earth/ universe. Thus this section serves to inform readers of the Lexicanum of possible parallels and inspirations for events, names, places, etc. Sometimes it also points out contradictions (or so-called "canon conflicts") and tries to explain how the Lexicanum subjectively sees the situation and why certain information might be regarded as problematic. All this information is - unless stated otherwise - non-binding and informal. It is interpretation by the Lexicanum authors and every reader has to decide for himself or herself, whether he/ she accepts the information presented as plausible or not. All information listed here is sourced as far as possible with publicly available sources.