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The Embrace of Pain (Audio Drama)

The Embrace of Pain
Cover art
Author Ian St. Martin[1]
Performer John Banks, Antonia Beamish, Robin Bowerman, Steve Conlin, Luis Soto[1]
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Champions of the Eternal War

The Embrace of Pain is an audio drama by Ian St. Martin.

Cover Description[1]

While voyaging through the depths of the warp, the infamous blademaster Lucius the Eternal is challenged by a servant of another god - a champion of the old Death Guard Legion, no less. Keen to remain dominant over his preening and ambitious rivals in the Cohors Nasicae, Lucius takes up his sword without a second thought... but could an unfeeling daemonhost of Nurgle, or the voices inside his own head, be the undoing of his Slaaneshi curse?

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