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The Faithless

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The Faithless
Faithless pad.jpg
Faithless Marine.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Alpha Legion[1a]
Leader: Arkos the Faithless[1a]
Base of operations: Anarchy's Heart (destroyed)[2a][2b]
Chaos Dedication: Chaos Undivided
Strength: Presumed destroyed[2b]

The Faithless were an Alpha Legion warband led by Chaos Lord Arkos the Faithless. They were based on the battle barge Anarchy's Heart and operated in the sectors near the Eye of Terror.[1a][2a]


They took part in the Siege of Vraks and were for many years the only Chaos Space Marine warband active on the planet.[1b] The Faithless were eliminated in the final battles of the siege by the Angels of Absolution. The loyalists destroyed the warband's ship and took the few survivors, which included Arkos the Faithless, with them.[2b]


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