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*{{Endn|1}}: [http://www.blacklibrary.com/the-beast-arises.html Black Library]
*{{Endn|1}}: [http://www.blacklibrary.com/the-beast-arises.html Black Library]
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The Last Wall
Author David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Series The Beast Arises
Preceded by The Emperor Expects
Followed by Throneworld
Released March 2016

The Last Wall is a Black Library novel by David Annandale, the fourth in The Beast Arises series featuring the Imperial war against the Ork Warboss known as The Beast. It was published in March 2016.

Cover Description

As Terra itself comes under threat, the High Lords plan a last ditch attempt to defend the throneworld from the greenskin threat. Far away, the Iron Warriors fall victim to the Orks' expansion. And in the Phall system, the Sons of Dorn assemble to fulfill their Primarch's legacy.

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