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The Plague of Delphic

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The Plague of Delphic was an infestation of Mordant Prime's Delphic mines by (presumably) Hrud aliens. After several months of the Hrud preying upon the local miners, an Imperial Guard regiment from the same world, the 303rd Mordant Acid Dogs regiment was sent into the mining tunnels to clear out the infestation, managing to completely exterminate the aliens.

The town of La Paz is a mining establishment around the Delphic Sink. Organized crime gangs and the contract killers of the mining clans had been engaged in a battle for control of the town for many years. The gangs wanted a secondary entrance to the tunnels covering the world to be able to traffic contraband while the mining clans wanted to get access to the rich acid veins.

When one of the work groups did not send in its daily report at the end of its shift, nobody noticed at first; thinking they were simply victims of the conflict. When, in the following months, more groups started to disappear, the problem could no longer be ignored. The 303rd Mordant Acid Dogs were sent to investigate under the command of Captain Saul. The after action reports compiled by Saul tell that his company had explored a series of tunnels illuminated with bioluminescent bacteria, through which no human had ever passed. Vast caverns were discovered whose vaulted ceilings formed a pulsating and fluorescent sky many hundreds of meters in height.

On the fourth day of their exploration, Saul's company was ambushed in a zone so deep in the cave network that even the light from the bacteria had waned. The attackers were small and very quick creatures who could fight in the dark of the tunnels. They used a strange form of armament: a long rifle that projected a small portion of highly volatile actinic energy. Saul lost almost a third of his company in the ambush, but eventually managed to regroup his men. Despite the cost in lives he had discovered some valuable intelligence, the attackers did not appear to have much stomach for hand-to-hand combat and disappeared into the dark tunnels as soon as the fighting got in close. The Captain ordered his scouts forward to explore the depths of the catacombs ahead and in a matter of hours he was receiving skirmish reports from all of his recon teams.

Saul sent the main body of his forces forward to support his scouts and soon found them involved in a desperate battle for control of a complex honeycomb system of caves. The tunnels were filled with the same creatures who had ambushed them before, but this time they fought with the ferocity of a cornered beast. Saul ordered his flamers to advance towards the front. His men cleansed the cave system of the repugnant creatures, burning them down in their thousands.

Not a single one of the revolting aliens managed to escape, but at a high cost. Only a quarter of the company emerged from the catacombs to return to the Delphic Sink. Saul quickly arranged patrols to be sent to other areas where the so-called plague had struck and several more alien nests were discovered and exterminated.