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Theosophamy is a Psychic Discipline which focuses on the manipulation of the Warp during its interaction with the material universe. Unlike Daemonology, it is based on the use of ritual and control rather than letting loose the full raw power of the warp. This is because the use of theosophamy is intended for the disruption or the closing of rips in the barrier between dimensions rather than opening such breaks.


  • Confound Daemon: by disrupting the flow of energy from the warp into real space, a Psyker can temporarily disorient a Daemonic creature.
  • Seal Warp Breach: this power allows its user to cut off a connection between the mortal universe and that of Warp space which serves as a vital link for a Daemonic entity who draws power from such a tear and thus can lead to both their weakening as well as their banishment.
  • Stigmatise: a power that allows a psyker to create a disruption between a mortal and their soul which not only disconcerts the target but also creates a subconscious suspicion amongst their comrades.
  • Strike Daemon: a psyker is capable of firing a powerful psychic bolt of faith which damages Daemonic foes through the strength of the user's mind.[1]