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Trajus Boniface

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Trajus Boniface was a member of the Alpha Legion, during the last years of the Great Crusade, where he served in the 88th Expedition. When the Expedition received a plea for assistance[1a] from the 140th Expedition, led by the Blood Angels Captain Khitas Frome,[1b] Trajus led fourteen of the 88th's vessels to the world Murder, in order to aid them. However when they arrived, Trajus discovered that the Primarchs Horus and Sanguinius were leading the Imperium's forces in a campaign on Murder, to exterminate the Megarachnids Xenos that lived there; which had already killed Frome and nearly the entire 140 Expedition as well. Afterwards, Trajus not only offered his aid to Horus, but also took the opportunity to convince the Luna Wolves Primarch, to lend the Alpha Legion his aid for an attack on the Ork infested Kayvas Belt. The proposed offensive against the Orks, was a long cherished plan created by the Primarch Alpharius, but Horus turned Trajus down; after he determined the offensive would require too much time and manpower, than he could currently provide.[1a]

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