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2drones.gif This article is about the Space Marine; for the Commissar, see Mardan Tula.

Tula was a Space Marine of the Deathwatch, originally from the Star Phantoms Chapter.[1b] He was attached to Picket's Watch, where he served as a member of Kill Team Primus.[1a]

Kill Team Primus was assigned by Watch Captain Nergui to anti-Tau operations in the Damocles Gulf.[1c] While travelling through the Sexton Sector, the Kill-Team discovered an old Tau communications hub on QX-937.[1a] Investigating this, the Kill-Team were ambushed by a force of experimental Battlesuits that were being tested on the moon. The Tau force proceeded to kill all eight Marines, including Tula[1b], but their remains were uncovered by Nergui[1a], who went on to lead an assault on the Battlesuit's production facility, M'Yan'Ral Base.[1d]


During his final mission, Tula was armed with a Multi-melta.[1b]