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Tuska, the "Daemon-Killa", is an Ork Warboss who, aided by many weirdboyz, managed to bypass the defenses around Cadia and led his Waaagh! in an invasion of the Eye of Terror, in search of Daemons to fight.[1]


Tuska made his mark in the Eye of Terror, by defeating the Daemon hordes on several Daemon Worlds, and seemed unstoppable until his Waaagh! crash-landed on a flesh planet. The planet belonged to a mighty Daemon Prince of Khorne[2] known as the Blood Prince, who soon led his Daemonic hordes against the invading Orks. In the battle that followed, Tuska suffered many deep wounds and his Boyz took heavy losses. Just as the Blood Prince was about to finish Tuska, his Weirdboyz managed to distract the Daemon using their psychic powers, giving Tuska enough time to impale the creature between its legs with his Power Klaw before being killed himself[1]. The Warboss’ vast horde was later eventually slain to an Ork by the wrathful Daemon Prince and his minions.[2]

However, the story did not end there for Tuska. Khorne had such joy in watching the murderous spectacle, that he ensured that Tuska's Waaagh! rose once more the very next dawn. Now, the Orks repeat the fight over and over again, for the Blood God was so impressed by their limitless battlelust that he took the Orks into his own domain. In the shadow of the Brass Citadel, his elite Bloodletter generals battle against Daemon-Killa’s undying horde on a daily basis[2]. This suits the Warboss just fine: he has finally found a good fight that never ends.[1]

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