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Tyranid Psychic Powers

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All members of the Tyranid race are psychic to some degree, since every aspect of their behavior is controlled by the gestalt consciousness known as the Hive Mind. Particular brood species, known as Synapse Creatures, act as relay and command nodes for the smaller and more numerous creatures, and many of these manifest powerful psychic abilities that can be used as offensive weapons.

Tyranid Psychic Powers
Power Species Notes Sources
Catalyst Tervigon A psychic power projected by Tervigons to flood the systems of lesser Tyranid creatures under its command, pushing them with unnatural vitality to ignore the most grievous wounds. [1b]
Dominion A psychic power that channels and amplifies the Synaptic will of the Hive Mind through a Tervigon to bring a greater number of lesser Tyranid organisms under its control. [1b]
Onslaught A psychic power that allows a Tervigon to seize control of the Bio-weapon symbiotes carried by its minions, guiding their fire whilst also relentlessly forcing the minions forward without being distracted by having to aim their weapons. [1b]
Hypnotic Gaze Broodlord This power reduces its victim to a helpless wreck by subverting their willpower and smothering their conscious mind. [1b]
Paroxysm Hive Tyrants Some Hive Tyrants can triggers every nerve and pain receptor in a target's body, debilitating the victim by overwhelming their senses with pure agony. [1b]
Psychic Scream A piercing shriek of psychic energy directed at the minds of the weak-willed, which distracts, scares or even possibly drives insane all but the strongest foes. [1b][2a]
Leech Essence Some Hive Tyrants can feed upon the life force of their enemies and put it to a better use: regenerating their own flesh. [1b]
Warp Blast Hive Tyrants, Zoanthropes A powerful psychic attack used by Zoanthropes, or sometimes Hive Tyrants[Needs Citation], focusing the energy of the Hive Mind until it arcs out as a blast of pure Warp energy. [1b]
The Horror Some Hive Tyrants, and sometimes Zoanthropes, emit a psychic aura that invades the minds of their enemies with a terrifying sentience so alien that all they can do is panic with fear. [Needs Citation]
Warp Field Zoanthrope An invisible psychic shield constantly projected around a Zoanthrope to protect itself from enemy attacks. The field is usually invisible except for a slight shimmer when it activates to absorb or deflect incoming fire. [1a]
Warp Lance A psychic attack consisting of the Hive Mind's energy channeled through a Zoanthrope into a focused stream of Warp energy with enough power to punch through fortress walls or vapourise a battle tank. [1b]

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