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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Cult; for the Bloodthirster, see An'ggrath.

The Unbound are a Chaos Cult devoted to Nurgle that inhabits the Eye of Terror.[1a]


Originally the 969th Cadian Shock Troopers, the regiment was deployed to Cetus Tertia during the Gothic War, but contracted a horrific plague borne in the planet's water. They were instantly quarantined and refused permission to return to Cadia, and so turned their allegiance to the Lord of Decay.[1a]

The cult is led by the regiment's former colonel, Abner Varicuss, who styles himself "the False Castellan," because before his infection he was one of the favoured candidates for the post of Lord Castellan of Cadia.[1a]

One of the worlds inside the Eye that the Unbound garrisons is Ablutraphur, a corrupted Hive World now given over to manufacturing wargear for several chaotic armies, including armour plating for the Unbound.[1a][1b]

Their cult symbol is a cluster of three skulls, inside an inverted pyramid.[1a]

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