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Underhive (Anthology)

Underhive: A Necromunda Anthology
Author Mike Brooks, Rachel Harrison, Darius Hinks, Josh Reynolds, Guy Haley, Robbie MacNiven, Nick Kyme
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda (Novel Series)
Released 9th June 2019
Pages 368
Editions 2019 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7849-6990-5

Underhive is a Necromunda anthology, first published in 2019. This volume introduces the new stories: Redemption and Red Salvage.

Black Library Description

"In the sprawling, polluted hive cities of Necromunda, life is a constant fight for scraps. From the highest peaks to the lowest depths, rival Gangs war and spill blood in a desperate battle to increase their standing with the decadent Great Houses. Life is short and brutal, especially for those on the climb."[1]

Collected in this volume:

Wanted: Dead

By Mike Brooks

"In the teeming Hives of Necromunda, from the highest peaks to the lowest depths, life is a constant fight for survival. When an ambush in the Underhive goes wrong, and a Guilder gets killed, an Escher Gang suddenly find themselves outlawed. Now the hunters have become the hunted, and everyone is after their blood – Enforcers, Bounty Hunters, even other gangs. With their leader dead, Jarene has to take control and save the lives of herself and her sisters in arms, as well as restoring the honour of their gang. For the fateful ambush was no accident, and the true culprits need to face justice."[2]

Dirty Dealings

By Rachel Harrison

"Weapons dealing is an infamously dangerous business – and Kora Zekk knows that. When she and her comrades deliver a crate of guns to a House Orlock stronghold, she expects to be betrayed, and prepares accordingly. So she's far from surprised when it all goes wrong and the Enforcers crack down on them. Even then, it will take of her ingenuity, skill and will to survive to get out of the situation intact…"[3]


By Darius Hinks

Death's Head

By Josh Reynolds

"There are few names in Necromunda's underhive that inspire as much fear and dread as that of Lothar Hex. An assassin of unparalleled skill, known as the Widowmaker, his tally of kills is impressive. Rebellious gang leaders, Guilders and even the entire populations of small settlements have fallen to his uncanny skills. To cross his path is to court death. So why is Topek Greel, a Goliath ganger, seeking him out? The answer is sure to come with a large helping of blood-soaked mayhem, plenty of murder and Hex's traditional calling card, the Death's Head."[4]

Emp-rah’s Eye

By Guy Haley

"Of all the denizens of the underhive, the ratskin tribes are among the most insular and bound by tradition. Among the Five Hands tribe there exists a storysinger, a soul who has been blessed by the far-off Emp-Rah, the all powerful lord of all, and who keeps the stories of the tribe alive. Two Tails, the current storysinger, is dying. But before his time to enter the Dark Cave comes, he must find a successor. Five braves have gathered to embark on a quest, and one will survive and succeed Two Tails. But first they must hear a tale of a long ago storysinger, a tale that has a very personal resonance for Two Tails."[5]

Once a Stimm Queen

By Robbie MacNiven

"No job in the underhive ever goes smoothly. Whether it's a rival Gang taking petty revenge, an attack by mutated wild creatures or the perils of the crumbling hive itself, trouble lurks around every corner. So the Stimm Queens, on a job for some Goliath clients, never really expected it to run smoothly. But when the Enforcers, Necromunda's black-armoured lawmen, join the party, things look particularly bleak. A handful of juves try desperately to survive, clinging to vain hope and each other as darkness descends."[6]

Scar Crossed

By Nick Kyme

"The religious zealots of House Cawdor, sworn to the Crusade of the Red Redemption, are well known for bringing their particular brand of fire-fuelled faith to the inhabitants of the underhive, and burning those they consider sinners. So when a preacher and his followers barge into a dingy drinking den, things look bleak for the hardened drinkers. When one in particular draws attention to himself, he bargains for his life with all he has – a story of star-crossed lovers that he hopes will show the power of faith in the Emperor and save his benighted soul."[7]


By Darius Hinks

Main article: Burned (Short Story)

"Many years ago, a trio of Goliath gangers came across something rare and amazing in the underhive. The Wings of Caliban, a symbol of the Adeptus Astartes, could have made their fortunes… until the three fell apart. Each taking one piece of the Wings, they could have gone their separate ways… but one of them ended up falling into a furnace, and was believed dead. But now he has returned, and wants what is his… and probably a healthy dose of revenge too. But to reunite the Wings, one piece will have to be retrieved from the zealots of House Cawdor."[8]

A Common Ground

By Mike Brooks

Red Salvage

By Josh Reynolds

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