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Unnamed Grand Master of Assassins

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The Unnamed Grand Master of Assassins was the Grand Master of Assassins during the Age of Apostasy and subsequent Wars of Vindication. Despite being the leader of the Officio Assassinorum during this pivotal period in its history and a powerful warrior in his own right, his true name is unknown.[1]


It is known that the Unnamed Grand Master spurned advances by Goge Vandire during the Age of Apostasy and resisted attempts by the mad ruler to dominate the Officio Assassinorum as he had a number of other Imperial organizations such as the Administratum, Ecclesiarchy, and Adeptus Astra Telepathica. As a result, Vandire won over one of the Grand Master's Callidus agents, Tziz Jarek.

Following the death of Vandire, Jarek saw that his position was compromised and made his move on the Grand Master, slaying him in the Assassinorum Temple on Terra. However, unbeknownst to Jarek, the cautious Grand Master had replaced himself with an identical double and survived the attempted coup. The Grand Master mustered his loyalist forces and assaulted Jarek, who had assumed leadership of the Officio. The ensuing battle in the Assassinorum Temple was devastating, even spilling into the Imperial Palace and destroying whole wings of the ancient structure. Forbidden and taboo weapons from the Officio's vault were unleashed, spreading further destruction. In the end, the Grand Master personally slew Jarek and ended the Wars of Vindication.[1]

Afterwards, the Grand Master went into a self-imposed exile. A report by the Inquisition states that it is unknown what has since become of him.[1]