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Unspeakable King

"It is an inviolable truth that humanity's ability to destroy will always outstrip its ability to create, it is our curse and our salvation combined, our end when it comes, will be writ by our own bloody hand".[3]

The Unspeakable King was a terrifying warlord of Terra during the Age of Strife,[1a] possibly in M27.[5] The horror of his rule became the subject of legend for generations to come.[1a] He was served by the Hollow Ones, an order of pariahs analogous to the Silent Sisterhood, and was according to some legends a powerful psychic null himself.[2] He ruled Albia and defeated the Panpacific Empire,[1b] assuming the titles "Magna Albia" and "Archtyrant of Panpacifica".[5]

His descendants were later overthrown by the warlord clans shortly before the coming of the Emperor of Mankind. The Dusk Raiders adopted their red right hand heraldry from the symbol for the murderous reach of the Unspeakable King.[1b]

During the Horus Heresy, the Unspeakable King re-emerged to take advantage of the Imperium's weakness.[4]