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Urgak the Unstoppable was an Ork Warboss, active in M40.[1]


Urgak was a powerful enough Warboss to begin uniting a large number of Orks together to form a burgeoning Waaagh! on the planet Roxanzand. Gathering his forces on Roxanzand's northern continent, Urgak's army was spotted building large numbers of war machines by an Imperial survey sweep of the Roxanzand System, including a Gargant. Due to the distribution of resources in the Chelio Sector at the time, a full-scale response wasn't possible; instead the Officio Assassinorum was authorized to send an agent to eliminate Urgak.[1]

The Vindicare Temple sent in Morias Skult, who arrived in the Roxanzand system via a rapid-response vessel and deployed to Roxanzand itself via drop pod. Under cover of night, Skult infiltrated the Orks' camp and rigged the Gargant with explosives before withdrawing to a vantage point. The next day, as Urgak conducted an inspection of the Gargant, Skult shot him through the head and killed him. The sniper's hyphosphus-tipped bullet also triggered a chain reaction, detonating the planted explosives and heavily damaging the Gargant.[1]

Although many the Ork workshops remained active in the wake of Urgak's death and the explosion, they were later eliminated by a vessel of the Imperial Navy that bombarded the site from orbit.[1]

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