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Greetings to all who read this page. I have followed this website for quite a while now and feel it's time I contributed. I am an avid collector of Black Library novels - in particular the Space Marine Battles series - and so hope to fill in whatever I can.

Current Major Projects

  • General datascrubbbing.
  • Going through The Soul Drinkers Omnibus. Its about time the Soul Drinkers articles had proper citation.


  • Converting format
  • To create:
    • Known Vessels of the Raven Guard (once there are enough to be worth it)
    • Known Vessels of the Alpha Legion (once there are enough to be worth it)
    • Known Vessels of the Sons of Horus/Black Legion (now that the pages have been separated, this should be doable - thank you to Harriticus for that)
    • List of Craftworlds
    • List of Genestealer Cults
    • List of Imperial Army regiments