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HH Narrative Timeline In Depth

Made just for fun. This isn't going to be exact unless they print an exact date. The current starting place is year 203 and the attack on 63-19, which I've unilaterally decided takes place near the beginning of that year.

Actual Year Great Crusade Year Time Marker Location Events
0 Terra The Great Crusade begins. At this point the 14th Legion is known as the Dusk Raiders. They will be renamed as the Death Guard upon the discovery of their Primarch. Nathaniel Garro already serves with the Dusk Raiders, as does Iacton Qruze with the Luna Wolves.
c.3 Almost 200 years before 63-19. The first meeting of the Mournival.
c.33 After 30 years of Horus being the only Primarch found. The 2nd Primarch is found.
c.42 Over 160 years before the Cleansing of Laeran Mars Beginning of the construction of the the Pride of the Emperor, Fulgrim's flagship.
123 80 years before 63-19 Keylek The Luna Wolves exterminate the Keylekid species. A keylekid cadaver is placed in the Vengeful Spirit’s Museum of Conquest.
143 60 years before 63-19 Davin The Luna Wolves and Word Bearers Legions bring Sixty-Three Eight, or Davin, of the Davin system, into compliance. Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers introduces the Davinite practice of Warrior Lodges to the Luna Wolves. Eugen Temba is made Governor of the Davin system, whilst final pacification is left to Kor Phaeron to implement. At some point not much later, after the 63rd moves on from the system, Temba and his forces are corrupted by the Chaos power Nurgle.
174 29 years before 203.GC Terra Mersadie Oliton born.
183 20 years before 63-19 Dahinta The Luna Wolves war against the Overseers
184 20 years before they join the 63rd Expedition Maggard becomes bodyguard to Petronella Vivar.
192 13 years before the battle of Istvaan III Istvaan The 27th Expedition brings the Istvaan system into compliance. Baron Vardus Praal becomes Governor of the system.
c193 No more than 10 years before 63-19 The Luna Wolves find a perfect relief map of ancient Terra on an otherwise dead world.
c201st The best part of 2 years before 63-19 Galaxy-wide The Imperial Fists Legion is commanded to return to Terra by the Emperor to fortify the Imperial Palace.
202 Around 1 year before 63-19 Ullanor Conclusion of the Ullanor Crusade and The Ullanor Triumph, where Horus becomes Warmaster.
202 Ullanor The Emperor's Children legion take their leave of the Luna Wolves.
202 Ullanor/Terra The Emperor leaves the Crusade, returning to Terra. He forms the Council of Terra, which supplants the War Council.
202 1 year before the arrival of Remembrancers at 63-19 Terra The Emperor creates the Remembrancer Order. Almost 4.3 million remembrancers are sent out into the Crusade within months.
202 After the creation of the Remembrancer Order but before Laeran. Remembrancers join the 28th Expedition.
202 Between the arrival of remembrancers and the Cleansing of Laeran. The Emperor's Children enact compliance upon Twenty-Eight Two. The combat mission is nominally under the command of Lord Commander Eidolon.
202 Not long after the Ullanor Crusade Laeran The Cleansing of Laeran. Their custom of swapping about between theatres means that the combat mission is nominally under the command of Lord Commander Vespasian. Many things occur during the final stages: Fulgrim gives Apothecary Fabius permission to attempt to improve the genetic abilities of the Astartes, using Laeran genetic engineering as his template. Tarvitz and Lucius are both promoted to the rank of Captain. Terminator armour comes into issue in the legion, though both supplies of the suits and the relevant training are hard to come by. The legion is otherwise using Mk.IV power armour. Solomon Demeter is badly wounded. Fulgrim gains the daemonsword that will result in his damnation. The combat period of the Cleansing is just under 1 month.
202 8 months before 63-19 In transit Primarch Rogal Dorn and 2 companies of Imperial Fists join the 63rd Expedition.
202 3 months before 63-19 (5 months before the Ferrum is damaged) Corollis The 52nd Expedition under Ferrus Manus and the Iron Hands encounters the Diasporex, a nomadic spaceborne race, around the Corollis system, on the edge of the Lesser Bifold Cluster. Hostilities break out soon after.
203rd Stated as fact 63-19 Pacification of ‘Terra’ by the 63rd Expedition. The 63rd translates into the system by chance, forced there by a sudden warp-storm. ‘Terra’ is renamed as Sixty-Three Nineteen during the later stages of compliance. It is the 19th planet to be brought into Imperial Rule by the 63rd Expedition.
203 63-19 Death of Hastur Sejanus.
203 63-19 Maloghurst is believed killed in action.
203 63-19 General Rakris is named as Lord-Governor Elect of Sixty-Three Nineteen.
203 6 weeks later 63-19 Open resistance on 63-19 is confined to the Whisperhead Mountain Range, but proves impossible to quell.
203 8 weeks after the first attack on 63-19 (2 months before the 28th Expedition leaves Laeran) Corollis Star The Iron Hands vessel Ferrum is damaged in combat with the Diasporex.
203 3 months after the first attack on 63-19 63-19 Remembrancers join the 63rd Expedition.
203 63-19 Maloghurst is found alive, but badly injured. The phyisical scars of these injuries appear permanent and only serve to add to the effect of his epithet as 'Maloghurst the Twisted'.
203 Before remembrancers are allowed onto 63-19 (c.12 weeks before Eidolon arrives at 140-20). Laeran The 28th is still at Laeran; several remembrancers, including Bequa Kynska and Serena D'Angelus, are allowed to explore the planet; their corruption begins. Julius Kaesoron is similarly becoming slowly corrupted. Solomon Demeter is still recovering from his wounds. Shortly afterwords, Eidolon and 1 company are detached from the 28th and given their own peace-keeping mission in the Satyr Lanxus Belt. The rest of the Expedition leaves Laeran to link up with the 52nd Expedition.
203 'Within the week' Corollis The 28th Expedition links ups with the 52nd and begins to bring the Diasporex to heel. Over the following time period (lasting not longer than 8 months) several things occur. New combat drugs created by Fabius are issued to the Emperor's Children. Julius Kaesoron begins to study historical texts. Solomon Demeter eventually returns to combat duty and, in the last battle with the Diasporex, earns the secret resentment of Fulgrim and Julius by capturing the bridge of the enemy flagship before they can. Ferrus Manus also earns Fulgrim's secret ire by his handling of the battle. Fulgrim detaches Mechanicum personnel from his Expedition to study the Diasporex and eventually decides against aiding the Iron Hands in the Lesser Bifold Cluster, determines to lead the remainder of the 28th towards the Perdus Anomaly.
203 1 week after Maloghurst is found 63-19 Garviel Loken joins the Mournival.
203 A few days later 63-19 10th Company of the Luna Wolves excises the Whisperhead resistance group in a police action. Sergeant Xayver Jubal is possessed by a daemon called Samus, and subsequently killed by Loken and Sergeant Nero Vipus, though not before causing the deaths of several marines. Remembrancer Euphrati Keeler witnesses the daemon’s banishment.
203 63-19 Remembrancer Ignace Karkasy gets himself into trouble. Shortly afterwards, Garviel Loken agrees to sponsor and accept responsibility for him.
203 63-19 The Imperial Fist contingent of the 63rd Expedition leaves.
203 Murder/140-20/Spiderland The 140th Expedition gets itself into trouble on 140-20, later to be known as Murder and later still, Spiderland. They transmit a request for assistance.
203 2 years before it is picked up by the Death Guard Istvaan III A distress signal is broadcast from Istvaan III warning of open revolution against Imperial forces on the planet, led by the traitorous Vardu Praal. It goes unheard for 2 years.
203 6 weeks later Aboard the Vengeful Spirit Garviel Loken is introduced to the Warrior Lodge of the Luna Wolves. He does not join, but ceases in his disapproval of its existence.
203 c.5 weeks after Loken attends a lodge meeting. Murder Recalled to join the main body of the Emperor's Children at the Corollis Star in order to take part in the invasion of the Lesser Bifold Cluster, Eidolon's company diverts to reinforce the 140th Expedition at One Forty Twenty.
203 c.1 week later Murder 10 Companies of the Luna Wolves from the 63rd Expedition reinforce the 140th. The remainder of the Expedition arrives within a week, as do other reinforcements.
203 Within the week Murder Primarch Sanguinius leads a Blood Angels force to reinforce the 140th.
203 Between 1 week and 6 months since the 63rd arrived at Murder Murder A detachment from the 88th Expedition arrives at Spiderland to reinforce the Crusade forces already present.
203 Between 1 week and 6 months since the 63rd arrived at Murder Murder The Council of Terra’s proclamation that all Imperial worlds begin contribution of tithes reaches the ears of Warmaster Horus, along with the personage of Administratrix Aenid Rathbone.
c.203/c.204 2 weeks before first contact with the Interex Murder First Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers Legion joins the 63rd as an envoy from Lorgar. He quickly becomes a top adviser to Horus.
c.204 (over a year has passed since the attack on 63-19) 6 months after the 63rd arrived at Murder Murder Contact is made with the Interex, in the Urisarach (Spiderland) system. At some point around now Eidolon's company of Emperor's Children leave to rejoin the 28th Expedition.
c.204 9 weeks after contact is made with the Interex. Xenobia A detachment from the Crusade Forces gathered at Murder, including Horus and Sanguinius, arrives in the Interex system as invited guests and halts at the planet Xenobia.
c.204 6 weeks before the 28th reaches the Perdus Anomaly. Corollis Eidolon's company rejoins the 28th and the complete Expedition transits to Perdus.
c.204 2 weeks after landing on Xenobia Xenobia Primarch Sanguinius and the Blood Angels forces leave the company of Horus and the 63rd Expedition to return to their own affairs.
c.204 2 days later Xenobia First Chaplain Erebus secretly steals an anathame from the Interex, sparking off the Battle of Xenobia Principis; hostilities break out between the 63rd’s forces and those of the Interex. Imperial forces conduct a fighting retreat from Interex territory. Afterwards, Erebus increasingly beings to counsel Horus alone, without the Mournival.
c.204 "Some weeks later" Aboard the Vengeful Spirit The 63rd Expedition returns to Imperial Space. Horus exercises his right to rename his legion; from this time on the Luna Wolves are to be called the ‘Sons of Horus’. The Legion’s colours and main iconography are altered.
c.204 30 days before Horus is struck down at Davin Perdus Anomaly The united 28th Expedition arrives in the Anomaly. During the time spent in the Anomaly, corruption spreads amongst the remembrancers. Eidolon is experimented upon by Fabius, becoming the first Astartes genetically altered away from the Emperor's design.
c.204 2 weeks later (16 days before Horus is struck down at Davin) Perdus Anomaly The 28th has found and bypassed six Eldar Maiden Worlds. Fulgrim elects not to claim them for the Imperium due to their extreme beauty. This decision, along with the peculiar behaviour of many other members of the Expedition, begins to worry both Solomon Demeter and Lord Commander Vespasian. By this point, the Laeran temple where the daemonsword was found has been artistically recreated aboard the Pride of the Emperor. Serena D'Angelus murders Leopold Cadmus.
c.204 15 days after leaving Xenobia Aboard the Vengeful Spirit Garviel Loken begins to distrust Erebus, suspecting him of stealing the anathame and therefore initiating hostilities with the Interex. Soon after, Erebus leaves the 63rd Expedition to join with other Word Bearers and travel to the Davin system. At some point here he must cause the anathame to come into the possession of Eugen Temba.
c.204 1 week later Davin Petronella Vivar becomes the Warmaster’s personal remembrancer.
c.204 Davin Euphrati Keeler devotes herself to worship of the Emperor as God. She begins to distribute the (banned) text of the Lectitio Divinatus throughout the Vengeful Spirit
c.204 Davin's Moon The 63rd Expedition returns to the Davin system at the behest of Erebus. The 63rd Expedition, along with a detachment of Word Bearers, descends upon Davin’s moon to exterminate the traitor forces of Governor Eugen Temba apparently located there. Petronella Vivar and Maggard join the assault without permission and become involved in events .The Imperial forces come under attack from daemonic forces of Nurgle and suffer many casualties, including Captain Verulam Moy. Warmaster Horus himself is grievously wounded by the daemon-possessed Eugen Temba, whom he in turn manages to slay, before collapsing.
c.204 The Vengeful Spirit, in orbit of Davin In their haste to get the injured Warmaster to the Apothecary deck of the Vengeful Spirit, the Mournival accidentally kill over 21 civilians, fleet staff and soldiers by rushing through a crowd and causing a stampede and crush. This scene is witnessed by, among others, remembrancer Ignace Karkasy. Horus, during a period of lucidity and believing himself dying, dictates his valediction to Petronella Vivar, before falling into a coma.
c.204 30 days after the 28th enter the Perdus Anomaly; the same time as Horus is dying at Davin. Perdus Anomaly The 28th is contacted by the Eldar Craftworld, Ulthwe, led by the Farseer Eldrad Ulthran. Delegations meet upon the world of Tarsus, where Eldrad attempts to warn Fulgrim of Horus' downfall and eventual descent into Chaos if nothing is immediately done. Fulgrim's incipient corruption and the presence of a daemon weapon ruins this attempt. In the resulting battle, Fulgrim manages to destroy Ulthwe's Avatar, forcing the Craftworld's retreat.
c.204 News of the Warmaster’s critical condition begins to spread through the 63rd Expedition; preachers of the Lectitio Divinatus begin to move around somewhat more openly, and there is an influx of new followers to the fledging religious movement.
c.204 Loken recovers the weapon which wounded Horus from the moon of Davin; the anathame, stolen from Xenobia. He and Tarik Torgaddon begin to suspect Erebus of manipulating the events around the wounding of the Warmaster. He surrenders the anathame into the safekeeping of Apothecary Vaddon.
c.204 Davin Warp-disturbances around the Davin system increase dramatically.
c.204 Prospero Magnus the Red receives prophetic knowledge of Horus’ fate. He determines to both contact his brother and their father psychically, despite such a course of action being banned by current Imperial edict.
c.204 Davin Erebus persuades the Warrior Lodge of the Sons of Horus to allow him to take the injured Warmaster to a mystic healing lodge on Davin, the Lodge of the Serpent. Here, Horus begins a mystic, Chaos-inspired ‘dream-vision’ of both the past and the future. He is guided through it by Erebus, who at first takes on the identity of the deceased Hastur Sejanus. Erebus attempts to coerce Horus into treating with the Chaos gods. Magnus the Red invades the ‘dream-vision’ psychically, unveiling Erebus and attempting to warn Horus off his path of succumbing to the temptations offered by the Chaos powers. He fails.
c.204 2 days after Horus is taken to the Serpent Lodge Davin Ignace Karkasy begins to distribute scathing literature that is critical of the Astartes and other Imperial authority figures. His work concerning the crushing to death of the civilians when the Mournival brought the injured Warmaster back to the Vengeful Spirit is particularly polemic. Petronella Vivar tells him many of the stories and details the Warmaster told her on his deathbed.
c.204 2 days after Horus is taken to the Serpent Lodge Davin At least ten thousand Crusade personnel of all ranks take up station outside the Delphos of the Serpent Lodge, holding a vigil for the Warmaster.
c.204 9 days after Horus is taken to the Serpent Lodge Davin The first outbreaks of violence between followers of the God-Emperor and the followers of the Imperial Truth are recorded amidst the 63rd Epxedition.
c.204 9 days after Horus is taken to the Serpent Lodge Davin Kyril Sindermann and Euphrati Keeler translate some of the Book of Lorgar, the secret text of the Word Bearers; they are attacked by a Horror that manifests as a result. Ing Mae Sing, Mistress of Astropaths, joins it in battle, but the creature is finally destroyed by Keeler, who calls upon the power of the God-Emperor in order to banish it. Succeeding in doing so, she immediately falls into a coma.
c.204 9 days after Horus is taken to the Serpent Lodge Davin Lord Commander Varvarus begins to complain about the Astartes treatment of other Crusade personnel, threatening to contact the Council of Terra about the deaths of civilians aboard the Vengeful Spirit.
c.204 9 days after Horus is taken to the Serpent Lodge Davin On Davin, Horus awakes, fully healed and returned to vitality, his secret bargain with the Chaos powers begun. The 63rd Expedition rejoices his return. The Mournival meets with Horus in the role of his consultative body for what will become the last time.
c.204 16 weeks later Drakonis Three Eleven The 63rd Expedition arrives in the Drakonis Three Eleven system. Contact is made with the indigenous human population of the system, the Auretian Technocracy.
c.204 3 days later Drakonis Three Eleven The 203rd Expedition, under the command of Primarch Angron, arrives to join with the 63rd. On the same day, at the first diplomatic meeting between the Crusade forces and the Auretians, Warmaster Horus assassinates the Auretian delegate. War breaks out between the Imperium and the Technocracy as a result.
c.205 (2 years have passed since 63-19) 5 months later Aureus The World Eaters and the Legio Reductor of the Mechanicum begin the siege of the Iron Citadel, primary bastion of the Auretian Technocracy. The siege goes slowly.
c.205 4 months later Aureus The Warrior Lodge of the Sons of Horus no longer operates under secrecy; following the events on Davin, most members of the Luna Wolves have joined the order. Angered at the Astartes frequently coming under pressure and criticism from Lord Commander Varvarus due to the revelations in the writings of Karkasy - the barbarity of the World Eaters’ fighting methods giving Varvarus even more grist for his mill - the Lodge decides to murder Ignace Karkasy and blame Garviel Loken for instigating the crush of civilians after the Warmaster’s wounding. Tarik Torgaddon refuses to go along with this plan, even though his testimony is required to ensure the success of the latter part. He leaves the Warrior Lodge.
c.205 Aureus Warmaster Horus gains the complete loyalty of Master Adept Regulus and the Mechanicum under his command by promising them total ownership of the STC technologies recovered from the Technocracy.
c.205 2 months later Aboard the Pride of the Emperor; galactic location unknown Administrator Ormund Braxton brings news of the Crusade to Fulgrim; disturbed by the complaints of Varvarus, the Council of Terra orders him to attend upon the 63rd Expedition, to make sure everything there is in order. Braxton is disturbed by Fulgrim's behaviour. The daemonsword's influence over the Primarch is increasing markedly.
c.205 Aboard the Pride of the Emperor Serena D'Angelus (who by now is regularly murdering people) inflicts the first scars to Lucius' face.
c.205 Aboard the Pride of the Emperor Marius Vairosean undergoes Fabius' treatments; the organs he receives will eventually lead to him becoming the first Noise Marine.
c.205 Terra/In transit By this time the Primarch Leman Russ and his Space Wolves Legion have been dispatched to detain and escort Magnus the Red to Terra and a disciplinary audience with the Emperor.
c.205 8 weeks later Aureus Along with a small contingent of Emperor’s Children, he joins the 63rd for a brief period, spending nearly all of it in private council with Horus and Erebus. He is swayed to Horus' cause and agrees to bring Ferrus Manus into the fold. Chief Apothecary Fabius, with the authority of the Warmaster himself, takes the anathame from Apothecary Vaddon. Loken next sees it belted to the waist of Primarch Fulgrim, just as the Primarch and the Emperor’s Children contingent takes its leave.
c.205 Aureus Horus contacts Leman Russ (who is on his way to Prospero) and informs him that Magnus attempted to attack him psychically. The enraged Russ agrees to follow a change in his orders, given by the Warmaster; Magnus is not to be arrested. He is to be killed.
c.205 Aureus The Warmaster himself, Tybalt Marr and even the human Maggard, all join the Warrior Lodge of the Sons of Horus. The only Legion officers now not members of the Lodge are Garviel Loken, Tarik Torgaddon and Iacton Qruze.
c.205 Aureus The Iron Citadel is taken by an assault consisting of Primarch Angron, an Assault Company of the World Eaters, 2 Companies of Sons of Horus (those of Torgaddon and Loken) and a detachment of Byzant Janizars (led by Lord Commander Varvarus personally). The formal surrender of the Technocracy forces to Varvarus is ruined by Angron, who, recovering from being taken out of the fight by a mine and an avalanche of rubble, re-instigates hostilities. The Technocracy forces are slain to the last man, bringing the war to an end, the fall of the Iron Citadel later becoming known as the White Mountains Massacre. Lord Commander Hektor Varvarus is killed in this last skirmish, the victim of a supposed friendly fire incident. The shooter is never identified, although Loken and Torgaddon suspect that a Son of Horus may have murdered Varvarus in order to put an end to his complaints about Astartes behaviour.
c.205 Aboard the Vengeful Spirit Maggard murders the troublesome Ignace Karkasy, at the command of the Warmaster. The death is framed as a suicide. Warmaster Horus himself personally murders Petronella Vivar, to prevent her publishing his deathbed confession.
c.205 Aboard the Vengeful Spirit Euphrati Keeler, still in a coma, begins to be whispered of as a Saint of the Emperor by the believers of the Lectitio Divinatus.
c.205 Greater than "some months" before the 63rd is on its way to Istvaan, but not more then 4 months earlier Iota Horologii The Death Guard vessel Valley of Haloes picks up a distress signal from the Isstvan system. It is reported destroyed in battle some time after transmitting the signal to the Terminus Est, the ship assigned to Captain Typhon’s 1st Company of Death Guard. The Death Guard Legion and a detachment from the Silent Sisterhood are tasked by the Council of Terra with destroying a Jorgall colony world. 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7th Companies, along with the Silent Sisters, and all under the command of Primarch Mortarion, destroy the xenos vessel. The Sisterhood detachment leaves for Terra after this mission, while the Death Guard are ordered to join with the 63rd Expedition.
c.205 Aboard the Vengeful Spirit Horus reveals his plan to depose the Emperor to his trusted commanders: Maloghurst, Aximand, Abaddon, Regulus, Erebus, Princeps Turnet and various officers, naming them his War Council. Lorgar and Fulgrim have also sworn themselves to Horus, and Fulgrim has been sent to sway Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands to their cause. The Warmaster announces the Chaplain Edict; under it Erebus will send emissaries to all Legions targeted to be swayed to the Warmaster. Horus orders the Ultramarines to mobilise on Calth; he plans for them to eventually be ambushed and attacked by a large force of Word Bearers led by Kor Phaeron. Horus orders the Blood Angels to mobilise and head for the Signus Cluster, where he has a similarly deadly trap planned for them. He also reveals he has a last trap for other Legions to be sprung in the Istvaan system.
c.205 4 weeks after leaving the 63rd Expedition Callinedes Deep Orbital Station DS191 is recovered from Ork hands by the Emperor’s Children, first act in a joint campaign by the Children and the Iron Hands to retake the Callinedes system. The majority of the Emperor's Children are afterwords sent to join the Warmaster's forces in the Istvaan system, with only Fulgrim and hand-picked detachment remaining. Fulgrim murders Lord Commander Vairosean. Fulgrim attempts to sway Ferrus Manus to Horus' cause, but fails. The brothers come to blows and Fulgrim and the Emperor's Children are forced to fight their way out of the system. They leave for Istvaan, but during warp-transit a partial failure of the flagship's Gellar Field slows their journey considerably.
c.205 "Some months later" (Probably 3, not more than 4) In transit Membership in the Lectitio Divinatus is outlawed, as is everything to do with the fledgling religious movement, in the 63rd Expedition. Astartes warriors begin hunting down their gatherings. Iterators and remembrancers are confined to their quarters in the 63rd Expedition, are require permission from the Office of the Lupercal’s Court (a new organisation) to travel anywhere else. Kyril Sindermann joins the Lectitio Divinatus, and becomes convinced that Karkasy and Vivar were murdered. He alerts Garviel Loken to these suspicions, who in turn confesses his suspicion that a Marine murdered Varvarus. Horus questions Ing Mae Sing about ‘Saint’ Euphrati Keeler. Maggard undergoes gene-enhancement processes. The Army regiments under Horus’ command remove their original insignia.
c.205 Galaxy-wide Very powerful warp storms cloud much of the galaxy, stranding many Crusade elements and retarding the travel of others. Astropathic communication is disrupted.
c.205 4 months after the Death Guard receive the distress call from Istvaan Istvaan The forces of the Sons of Horus, the Death Guard, the World Eaters and the majority of the Emperor’s Children arrive in the Istvaan system.
c.205 Istvaan Kyril Sindermann recieves a vision of Euphrati Keeler being murdered by Horus. Unknown to him, it is a psychic warning given to him by Ing Mae Sing. Sindermann and two crewmen of the Dies Irae, Titus Cassar and Jonah Aruken, rescue Euphrati Keeler from an assassination attempt carried out by Maggard. Euphrati once again apparently uses divine powers to save all four of them from death, even in her persistent comatose state. Ing Mae Sing is sacrificed by Horus in a ritual that allows him to contact a daemon called Sarr’Kell and a pact is made between them allowing Horus’ forces uninhibited warp travel, while the Emperor’s forces will be becalmed or thrown off course. The powers of Chaos reveal they want the Emperor removed, his secret work that meddles with the nature of the warp stopped, and will support Horus’ coup. The Word Bearers Legion change their colours from slate grey to a deep scarlet. Master Adept Regulus is sent to Mars to assist Fabricator-General Kelbor-Hal in readying the Mechanicum in aiding Horus.
c.205 Istvaan Extremis Units from the Emperor’s Children and Death Guard capture the moon Isstvan Extremis. Nathaniel Garro is badly wounded in this battle, and removed from combat duties as a result. He is assigned to the Death Guard frigate Eisenstein, along with a contingent of Marines around 100 strong. Commander Grulgor and his unit join him on the vessel, secretly bringing a cargo of Life-Eater virus bombs with them.
c.205 Istvaan Captain Saul Tarvitz learns of the genetic manipulation the Emperor’s Children Apothecaries are making to their own gene-seed on the orders of Primarch Fulgrim; he is offered a place in the this new order by Eidolon and Fabius, but turns it down.
c.205 Istvaan III Warmaster Horus draws up the Order of Battle for the assault on Isstvan III personally. Instead of committing units by Company, he assigns them on a squad-by-squad basis, transferring and including specific officers and units. History will show that he is deliberately discarding the elements of the Legions and armed forces that he cannot rely on to take his side in the forthcoming coup. Captains Loken and Torgaddon are given command of the Sons of Horus detachment, which itself is more than a third of the Legion, while Captain Temeter receives command of the Death Guard contingent and Captain Demeter that of the Emperor’s Children. Tarvitz, suspicious of these events, manages to get himself assigned to the Andronius instead of the assault. Captain Loken tasks Iacton Qruze with looking after Sindermann, Oliton and Keeler for him. The assault on Istvaan III begins.
c.205 Prospero Magnus and the Thousand Sons are defeated by the Space Wolves, and flee Prospero.
c.205 Istvaan III Saul Tarvitz discovers that the fleet has orders to bombard the planet’s surface with virus bombs despite – or rather, because of - the heavy presence of Crusade forces there. He steals a Thunderhawk and travels to the planet, intent on warning the officers there that they are betrayed. On the way, he contacts Captain Garro of the Death Guard aboard the Eisenstein and communicates the information to him. Eidolon orders Tarvitz’s death, but Garro has the Eisenstein shoot down the Ravens attacking Tarvitz’s Thunderhawk. Garro then confronts Grulgor. Grulgor and his men attack Garro, but are defeated, killed by exposure to the Life-Eater virus. This leave Garro in command of a space-vessel and aware of the treachery unfolding around him.
c.205 Istvaan III Kyril Sinderman, now styled as an Apostle of the Saint, recieves a vision of Horus’ betrayal of his forces on Istvaan. He gives a fleet-wide proclamation decrying the Warmaster. Horus orders his death, and that of all his supporters. Euphrati Keeler, the Saint, regains consciousness, apparently equipped with transcendent knowledge of events and people.
c.205 Istvaan III On Isstvan, Captain Demeter is seriously injured. Captain Lucius defeats and kills Vardus Praal. Captain Tarvitz arrives and manages to spread word of the imminent bombardment to many of the Legion officers; most of the Sons of Horus, Emperor’s Children and Death Guard manage to get into sealed cover. Some World Eaters also manage it, but most are trapped in the open. Istvaan III is bombarded by life-eater virus bombs, which are followed by a firestorm. All unprotected life on the planet is wiped out in a matter of minutes.
c.205 Istvaan The remembrancers, iterators and general civilian contingents of the fleet are murdered by Astartes on the orders of Warmaster Horus. Captain Iacton Qruze rescues Keeler, Oliton and Sindermann, kills Maggard and flees with them in a Thunderhawk to the Eisenstein and Garro. The crew of the Eisenstein decide to flee the system and head to Terra to warn the Emperor of Horus’ treachery. They are followed and attacked by the Terminus Est, under the command of First Captain Typhon. The Eisenstein is damaged just as it jumps into the Warp, sending it off-course.
c.205 Istvaan III Against orders, Primarch Angron deploys the rest of his Legion to Istvaan III, in order to make certain of the death of the loyalists. Surprised at the number of survivors, Horus decides to back Angron with a full combat drop of the rest of the Legions. Revolt takes place aboard the Dies Irae; Moderati Cassar protests against the order to fire upon the loyalist Death Guard. After a protracted battle inside the Titan, he is shot and killed by Moderati Aruken, returning the Titan to the Warmaster’s side.
c.205 3 days later Istvaan III The Emperor’s Children and Sons of Horus (now calling themselves Luna Wolves) loyalists link up in the ruins of the Precentor’s Palace on Istvaan III. The World Eaters are scattered, although some of them manage to join with the loyal Children and Wolves. The Death Guard loyalists fight alone.
c.205 "A matter of weeks" since the bombing of Istvaan III (2?) In transit The Eisenstein is attacked by the Chaos powers whilst in the Warp, and the bodies of Grulgor and the others slain by the Life-Eater virus are reanimated and possessed by Nurgle daemons. These attacks are beaten off, although Solun Decius is gravely wounded by a daemon weapon, and the ship’s Navigator is killed. At this point there are 70 loyal Marines surviving on the ship, and Garro is discussing the Lectitio Divinatus with Keeler, starting on the road to gaining faith in the Emperor as a holy figure with extranormal power. The vessel drops back into realspace, marooned without a Navigator. Garro has the warp engines of the Eisenstein detonated, acting as a signal flare. This flare is picked up the the fleet of the Imperial Fists legion, who have been stranded by warp-storms for many months. The crew of the Eisenstein are taken about the Phalanx, the Eisenstein is destroyed and the journey to Terra is resumed. Primarch Rogal Dorn is briefed on the betrayal at Istvaan.
c.205 1 day later In transit Dorn decrees that the bulk of the Imperial Fists Legion will turn and make for the Istvaan system in an attempt to rescue the loyalists and defeat Horus. The remaining, elite units under his command will complete the journey to Earth and warn the Emperor.

The Eisenstein crew are to go with him.

c.205 "Twice a matter of weeks" since the bombing of Istvaan III (1 month, then?) Luna The Eisenstein survivors are placed into confinement on Luna.
c.205 1 month since the bombing of Istvaan III (1 month, then?) Istvaan III Solomon Demeter, recovered from his injuries, fights for the loyalists. He refuses to accept command from Saul Tarvitz, placing himself under the command of the junior officer.
c.205 "A few days" later Luna Solun Decius is corrupted by Nurgle and becomes the Lord of the Flies. His daemonic form is banished by Captain Garro, who finds complete religious faith in the Emperor during the act.
c.205 "Weeks" later Luna Malcador the Sigilite declares that Garro, Iacton Qruze and Amandera Kendel are to form an Imperial organisation of deliberately inquisitive nature.
c.205 "2 to 3 months" since the bombing of Istvaan III Istvaan III Lucius kills Chaplain Charmosian in single combat, but makes a deal with Lord Commander Eidolon to sell out Tarvitz and the other Loyalists in exchange for being allowed to return to the Emperor’s Children Legion. He kills Solomon Demeter, and attempts to kill Saul Tarvitz, although their duel is interrupted by the arrival of Loyalist reinforcements, saving Tarvitz and wounding the fleeing Lucius. Ancient Rylanor is ordered to guard an underground hangar. Captain Loken defeats but does not kill Captain Kharn in combat. Tarik Torgaddon, although offered a chance to return to his Legion, refuses and is killed in single combat with Horus Aximand. Garviel Loken falls in single combat with Ezekyle Abaddon. The last remaining Loyalists, less than one hundred in number and led by Saul Tarvitz and Nero Vipus, are wiped out by an orbital bombardment. The battle of Istvaan III is over. All 4 Legions took unnecessary casualties; the World Eaters are reduced to just over half original strength.
c.205 Istvaan III Fulgrim finally arrives in-system, having failed to subvert Ferrus Manus to Horus’ cause. The Warmaster sends him and a detachment of his Legion to fortify Istvaan V.
c.205 1 week later Galaxy-wide By this time civil war has broken out all over the Imperium. Scattered conflicts erupt all over the domain of the Emperor; even Mars is schismed. The Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders, Word Bearers, Night Lords, Iron Warriors and the Alpha Legion are ordered to proceed to the Istvaan system and eliminate the traitors. Horus is headquartered upon Istvaan V. The massive warp-disturbances plaguing the Imperial forces begin to cease. Fulgrim murders Ostian Delafour. Serena D'Angelus commits suicide. A (accidentally-summoned) massive daemonic incursion takes place aboard the Pride of the Emperor, resulting in an orgy of sex and violence that finally damns all aboard.
c.205 8 days later Istvaan v Ferrus Manus and his Morlocks, together with Corax and his Raven Guard and Vulkan and his Salamanders begin the drop-assault on Istvaan V. Nearly 40,000 Astartes make up this assault wave, against 20,000 of the World Eaters, Sons of Horus, Death Guard and Emperor's Children. Initial success is reversed when the second wave - Word Bearers, Night Lords, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion - arrive and reveal themselves traitors, attacking the rear of the first wave. Nearly all of the loyalist Astartes are wiped out; Ferrus Manus is killed by Fulgrim, whilst the fate of Corax and Vulkan is not known. Fulgrim is possessed by the daemon in his sword, becoming a true thing of Chaos. Horus privately swears to destroy the daemon and restore his brother. His forces prepare to leave the Istvaan system and invade Imperial space. Horus receives a communication from Magnus the Red.
  • c. 29,908: Garviel Loken becomes a Luna Wolf Space Marine.

203 Sometime very near the end of this year, a weak distress signal is broadcast from Istvaan III warning of open revolution against Imperial forces on the planet.


Luna Wolves

  • The Mournival exists for 200 years. Seeing as it is an advisory body to Horus made from Luna Wolves captains, this implies that Horus has been on the Great Crusade for that long, which is only about 3 years less than it's gone on for. Horus was likely found almost as soon as the GC started.
    • The Luna Wolves warrior-lodge is said to exist since the start of the Legion - the Mournival is an offshoot from it - which contradicts the warrior-lodge being introduced to the legion on Davin, only some 60-odd years before the Heresy. The probable explanation is that the Davinite version of the lodge is different enough to the original version that the lodge-master Seghar Targost can claim the Davinite influence made it a new thing, whilst an old and somewhat casual member like Tarik Torgaddon considers them one and the same.

Imperial Fists

  • Despite being recalled to Terra around the Crusade year 201, the Imperial Fists are apparently still trying to get there when the actual Heresy breaks out about 4 years later.

General Time Problems

  • I think the official dates are out. Well, kinda out. While 'time-in-warp' versus 'real-time' is not equal, if you add up all the time markers, years pass. The fight against the Megarachnids takes 6 months and the war with the Technocracy takes 10! The opening of Galaxy in Flames is supposed to take place 1 year after Sinderman got burned. It's actually 14 + "some" months. So a year and a half, anyway.
  • When Istvaan III takes place is a mess. It's around the end of 205.GC as we've already spent 5 months of the year at Auretia, plus the "some months" it takes to get to Istvaan - which is going to be around 3, due to the Death Guard getting the distress signal 4 months before everyone gets there. So, it's 8 months when they start the battle, which itself takes "2 to 3" months to fight. That's 10 or 11 months plus the errors inbuilt in the system as it's unlikely 63-19 took place at the exact start of 203.GC. So, New Year is probably during the fighting on Istvaan III. How festive.

Emperor's Children

  • The Pride of the Emperor is laid down about 160 years before Laeran, custom-built for Fulgrim's frippery nature. So this could mean he's found at around 40 years into the Crusade. They could start building the ship at that time with the intent of giving it to the legion Primarch when he's found and it just gets all shiny and pretty later once his tastes are made clear...but the text doesn't really say that. He and the slowly rebuilding EC travel with Horus for almost 100 years.
    • So he and the Emp's Kids should go off and do their thing around 140-ish. This gives them 60-odd years to do that thing before Ullanor. Thing is, the text annoyingly has vague wording that can be interpreted to mean that they are just leaving their team-up with the LW at Ullanor. This would support the low number of Laeran (28-3). This is pretty impossible tho as the 100 year thing then indicates they didn't team up until around 102, 60 years after Mars started building Fulgrim's flagship; what did Fulgrim do for that 60 years? So I guess the 28th Expedition isn't their first expedition fleet. And you have to read the stuff about "blahblahblah since leaving the LW at Ullanor" as literal, they were there and then left. They weren't with them from their inception until there, that was a different time period. It would go:
      • Fulgrim found (c.42?)
      • Pride of the Emperor laid down c.42
      • Fulgrim and EC travel with LW (c.42 - 142)
      • Fulgrim and EC go off to do own thing (142)
      • Hook up with LW again at Ullanor (202)
      • Go off and do own thing again with new Exp no. (202)
      • Third (and first alien) world they do in a year is Laeran (202)
    • This is a serious problem without further information, as the 'feel' of the text leans towards the later timeline for Fulgrim and EC - the only thing messing it up is the early build date of his flagship. However, it seems to make more sense that Fully and the EC are an 'old' legion, as they are very, very 'Imperial' and Fulgrim is mates with a lot of the other Primarchs. That's the one I'd rather go for, personally.
      • Actually, if the EC left the LW in 142, that'd be good; Davin is brought into the Imperium in 143 by a Luna Wolves/Word Bearers team-up...the Emperor's Children are not mentioned as ever having anything to do with Davin.
  • Small matter: in Horus Rising, the Emperor's Children are supposed to go the the Lesser Bifold Cluster after Laeran. In Fulgrim, it's the Iron Hands who are on there way there when they're waylaid by the Diasporex at Carollis. The EC go onto the Perdus Anomaly.
  • The length of time the EC are with the Iron Hands is unknown. Eidolon's boys are away for 8 months plus transit time. The time the EC and IH spend together must be long enough for Solomon Demeter to go from being in his sickbed to being physically able to take the bridge of the ship.


  • A new introduction at the time of Braxton's visit to Fulgrim in 205. Their introduction would therefore seem to predate Horus' Chaplain Edict, which he claims to have issued later on that year. This may be explained by Horus just mentioning it later, or it may be that Chaplains were introduced voluntarily and Horus' edict makes them compulsory.