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How to add sources

It is compulsory to add official sources for ANY change or addition of information!

The new text has to be marked with a footnote.


new text{{C|1}}

This footnote is then referenced under "Sources" at the end of the article:



*{{C|1}}: [[Codex XY]], p. xx

Please note that it is absolutely compulsory to include pagenumbers (in the case of novels chapter numbers)!

If you are referencing different pages/ chapters from the same source the source itself is marked with a number, the individual pages or chapters by letters:


new text{{C|1: p. xy}} ... new text{{C|1: p. yz}}

*{{C|1}}: [[Codex XY]]:

In the case of novels, no pagenumbers should be given (they vary between translations and print runs). In this case chapternumbers are compulsory.


new text{{C|1: ch. xy}} ... new text{{C|1: ch. yz}}

*{{C|1}}: [[XY (Novel)]]:

Please first test this function in the Lexicanum:Immaterium.

Please avoid fan-made images - they're just a subjective interpretation.--Lexstealer, Magus 20:36, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

Patriarchs of Ulixis

Yes, there is not much fluff about them, blame GW. But fan-made stuff and speculations are prohibited in the Lexicanum as we want to be a reliable source for official background. Also please take note of the Main Page: THE MAIN SITE IS FOR OFFICIAL CANON AND OFFICIAL IMAGES ONLY. REGULAR USERS WILL BE PERMITTED TO POST FAN-FICTION ON THEIR USER PAGES AT THE DISCRETION OF A SYSOP. and Users are not allowed to use Lexicanum webspace for their own background if they do not contribute regularly and have not made at least 100 useful contributions..--Lexstealer, Magus 20:37, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

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