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Van Skorvold Star Fort

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The Van Skorvold Star Fort was the headquarters of the Van Skorvold Cartel.[1a] Formerly an orbital defence platform in orbit of the planet Lakonia, the station was purchased from the planet's PDF by the Van Skorvold cartel.[1b]

Following rumours that the Van Skorvolds were engaged in illegal mutant smuggling, the Administratum orchestrated a raid on the fort, led by Consul Senioris Chloure. Chloure, however, wished to guarantee that the star fort was taken quickly and with a minimum of casualties from the soldiers he had access to; to this end, he intentionally leaked information that the Van Skorvolds had come into possession of a legendary lost relic of the Soul Drinkers Chapter known as the Soulspear.[1a]

The plan worked and a strike force of roughly 300 Soul Drinkers, led by Commander Caeon, led an attack on the star fort.[1a] Although Caeon himself was killed in the attack, he passed command to Sarpedon, who located the Soulspear within the fortress's vaults. When the Soul Drinkers went to claim the spear, however, a detachment of Skitarii teleported onto the station from the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel 674-XU28 (which was part of the Administratum taskforce, allegedly as support). The Skitarii stole the Soulspear and escaped to their vessel, with the Archmagos in command of the Mechanicus presence, Khobotov, deploying an artillery platform from his ship and threatening to destroy the star fort if the Soul Drinkers did not back down.[1b][1c]

Sarpedon, however, was contacted by an escaped prisoner on the star fort named Yser, who informed him of the presence of a disused hangar bay on the station.[1c] The Soul Drinkers were able to use the starfighters left in the hangar to launch an attack on the artillery platform. The Space Marines seized control of the platform but found that Khobotov had already sent the Soulspear away. The Soul Drinkers then escaped from the Lakonia System, but not before destroying the Van Skorvold star fort with planted explosives.[1d]