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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Fallen Angel; for the Night Lord, see Vassaago.

Vassago was a member of the Dark Angels during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, serving as the adjutant to Zahariel.[1]


During the Heresy, Vassago was part of the force under Luther exiled to Caliban by Lion El'Jonson. During the political in-fighting between The Fallen on Caliban, Vassago aided his commander against those loyal to Lord Cypher.[1]

Vassago was later part of the forces requisitioned by Corswain at Zaramund as he sought to reach Terra. Hiding his true allegiance, Vassago and his brothers took part in the Siege of Terra when Corswain attacked the Hollow Mountain. During the fight, he saved Corswain from the Daemon Vassukella.[2a] After securing the Hollow Mountain, Vassago was confronted by a group of other secret Fallen who expressed their interest in using the powers of the Warp for their own ends. However Vassago refused to take part in the plan, stating that the powers of Chaos would corrupt the Dark Angels as they have all others. The other Fallen under Zahariel turned on Vassago, killing him.[2b]