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Vezuel is an Epistolary in the Dark Angels Chapter who is fighting in the war-enveloped Traxis Sector. Later in that conflict, he was given a command of a strike force from his Chapter and charged with defending the Death World Nectavus VI; after it was invaded by the Fallen Angel[1a] Sorcerer Sathariel the Innvokator.[1c] The strike force is not along in this task however, as the Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment of Armour Captain Grigory Maksim has been sent to aid them in saving the Death World; though the Vostroyan, do not know of the ties Sathariel has to the Dark Angels.[1b]

After both forces arrived on Nectavus VI they began fighting their way through its jungles, to reach Sathariel;[1b] but the Sorcerer had already begun a Chaos ritual,[1c] which soon opened a Warp portal in the Death World's orbit. Sathariel planned to turn Nectavus Vi into a Daemon World, through which the forces of Chaos would have a permanent foothold into the Traxis Sector, and as soon as the Warp portal opened, it not only began corrupting the Death World, but also unleashed a tide of Daemons upon its surface.[1d] Now Grigory and Vezuel's forces are racing against time, to kill Sathariel before his ritual is completed;[1b] as the Sorcerer's death would force the Warp portal to close and save Nectavus VI from damnation.[1d]

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