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The Viskeon are a xenos race.[1]

Noted for their regenerative abilities, Viskeons are ectotherms, absorbing their heat and energy from their surrounding environment. Their home world was once hot and parched, wreathed in endless deserts, impenetrable jungles and sweeping plains, a perfect environment for a cold-blooded species. The Viskeos were a proud, martial race, whose warrior code did not permit the use of ranged weaponry. To face an opponent in bladed battle was seen as the supreme honor and anything else was unthinkable. Many of the Viskeons plied their trade as mercenaries, bounty hunters and the like, and their skill at arms was highly valued. But all that was for naught in the face of the Tyranid menace. A Tyranid Splinter Fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken that had broken off from Ichar IV devoured the planet in a single night and exterminated their whole race save those who were off-world.[2] Among the survivors is the mercenary Krashrak the Stalker.[3]

A Viskeon Foetus-limb, a severed adult limb that partially regenerated its former body into an unformed foetus before it died, is studied by Magos Biologis Sharve Darvus.[1]