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Vostigar Catacult Eres

Vostigar Catacult Eres was a Captain in the World Eaters Legion, during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


During the Great Crusade, he fought beside the Imperial Fists Captain Amandus Tyr at Varleth Gorge. After that battle Tyr gifted Eres with a Achilles-pattern Land Raider, that became a prized possession to the World Eater. When the Horus Heresy began, Eres joined his Legion in turning against the Imperium and took part in the Shadow Crusade along side the Word Bearers. During the Crusade he was ordered to aid the Word Bearers Chapter Master Torquill Eliphas, in invading the Ultramarines world Kronus. When his fellow Captain Nordas Vyre heard of this, he confronted Eres and insisted that he should leave his Land Raider behind. Vyre kept insisting on this, until Eres' second in command Khordal Arukka, cut the Captain down for his insolence.[1]

Afterwards with their orders given, Eres and Eliphas' forces invaded Kronus and easily defeated the Ultramarines garrison there; though Eliphas made sure a few survivors escaped into the void to bring word of what happened to Ultramar. With the world under their control, Eliphas put its population to work building the Templum Daemonarchia, a vast cathedral dedicated to the Chaos Gods, which would allow his Primarch Lorgar to set foot on Kronus, once it had gathered enough blood and souls. Mindful that he had been ordered to follow all of Eliphas' commands, Eres could do nothing but wait, while the cathedral was being constructed. During this time he concluded this mission had been given to him as a punishment by his Legion, due to his different beliefs pertaining to the Butcher's Nails. Unlike the majority of the World Eaters, Eres felt that the Legion wasted the gifts of the Butcher's Nails, when they gave into their rage and killed over insignificant matters. He claimed the Nails degraded with overuse and the World Eaters should control their emotions and commit their kills outside of battle, with cold efficiency. Though it troubled him that his beliefs had earned him his stay on Kronus, rather than fighting alongside his Primarch Angron, he put it to the back of his mind; as the Templum Daemonarchia was completed, just as an Ultramarines strike force returned to reclaim Kronus from them. In the battle that followed, Eres' forces took the brunt of the fighting, while Eliphas was more concerned about harnessing the souls and blood shed in order to power the Templum Daemonarchia. As the battle concluded, the Ultramarines were killed and the souls harvested had been enough to power the Templum Daemonarchia, allowing Eliphas to contact Lorgar. Eliphas was shocked however, when his Primarch told him that the Shadow Crusade was over and he was ordered to immediately rejoin his Legion on Tarsaron. The Chapter Master reluctantly followed his orders and Kronus was left in Eres' control.[1]