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War in Heaven (Necron)

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Necron and C'tan war with the Old Ones; for the Eldar Mythic Conflict, see War in Heaven (Eldar).
War in Heaven
War in Heaven.jpg
The War in Heaven[2]
Date ~60 Million years ago
Location Galaxy-wide
Outcome Pyrrhic Necrontyr victory
Necrontyr Old Ones
Silent King
Unknown Unknown Old One strength
client races such as Eldar and Krorks
Massive Extinction of Old Ones

The War in Heaven was an ancient and devastating conflict fought roughly sixty million years before the 41st Millennium between the Necrontyr (and later Necron) race and their C'tan allies and the Old Ones.


The Necrontyr ruling council, known as the Triarch, was desperate to restore a measure of unity to their race following tumultuous rebellions known as the Wars of Secession. Seeing the mighty Old Ones as a suitable candidate for a unifying threat and long resentful of their seemingly immortal lifespans, the Triarchs struck against the Old Ones and plunged the Necrontyr race into a devastating war that saw worlds consumed, suns extinguished, and entire solar systems consumed. However it soon became apparent that despite their superior numbers and advanced technologies, the Necrontyr couldn't hope to defeat the Old Ones and their mastery of the Warp. Pushed to the edge of the galaxy and becoming a minor annoyance to the seemingly unstoppable Old Ones, Necrontyr began descending into disunity and rebellion once more.[1a]

However the situation changed dramatically when the Necrontyr forged an alliance with the vampiric C'tan, star gods of immense power which helped the Necrontyr transfer their essence into bodies of living metal, becoming soulless Necrons in the process. Gorging themselves off the abandoned Necrontyr souls and with legions of immortal machines at their command, the C'tan and Necrontyr were able to turn the tide against the Old Ones. Becoming increasingly desperate, the Old Ones created new psychic races like the Eldar to aid them. In the end however this doomed their race, as Warp-spawned plagues such as the Enslaver Plague were unwittingly unleashed by the Old Ones, who were finally scattered, then defeated, and finally destroyed between the C'tan, Necron, and Warp-spawns.[1b] The final battle of the war was the Battle of the Sokar Gate.[3]

Other uses

Main article: War in Heaven (Eldar)

For the Eldar, the War in Heaven has passed into mythology and is now described as a conflict where the Eldar God of war, Kaela Mensha Khaine, waged war upon his fellow gods as well as the followers of Eldanesh.