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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Accepted sources

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Canon as used in the Lexicanum simply refers to what publications or content is considered official and can therefore be used as a legitimate source. We are aware that canon sources might contradict each other, but there is no "hierarchy of sources" - i.e. no official source is considered more valid than another official source. More recent sources do however take precedence over older sources. This does however not mean that the old information is considered "wrong" and non-Canon and has to be deleted altogether. It is an explicit goal of the Lexicanum to also reflect outdated information - with appropriate disclaimers and explanations.

Examples of canon publications

The following list is non-exhaustive:

  1. Rulebooks
  2. Codices
  3. White Dwarf Magazines
  4. Black Library Novels, short stories, audiobooks...
  5. Games Workshop, subsidiaries and license holders websites
  6. Background Books
  7. GW licensed Comics and Graphic Novels
  8. Games Workshop licensed computer games based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe
  9. Collectable Card games licensed by Games Workshop
  10. Games and background material published by Black Industries and Fantasy Flight Games (under license)

etc. etc.

Examples of non-canon publications

  • Other Wikis
  • Private homepages of authors or artists working for Games Workshop or license holders
  • Fan-made content or fanzines