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Each registered User of the Lexicanum is also an Editor and given access to the tools to edit pages, articles and files.

Is there a hierarchy of Editors?

Some highly-trusted Editors are granted access to certain sets of powerful tools that are not used for normal article-creation and editing. Access to these tools is restricted to avoid potential misuse and damage - intentional or unintentional - to the wiki.

  • Bureaucrats (a.k.a. Super-Administrators) maintain the site itself and have the highest authority.
  • Administrators moderate site content and resolve differences between editors.

The opinions and contributions of regular editors are welcome and valued. We try to listen and make decisions as transparently as possible. However, Administrators and Bureaucrats have the final say on any given issue. The Lexicanum was never designed to function as a direct democracy. Rather, it's probably best described as a top-down Technocracy.

Who can an Editor turn to with a problem?

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