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Helpful articles

The Lexicanum is an encyclopedia mainly dedicated to the background of Warhammer 40,000 and the games and other products set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Game- and hobby-related content is allowed to a certain degree but Lexicanum is not intended to replace actual rulebooks and publications, therefore certain limitations have to be observed. Likewise certain specific activities can not be allowed. See also Allowed content.

Please note that the following list is non-exhaustive and can be expanded or edited when necessary.

Copies, scans, reproductions etc.

  1. Verbatim copies of text going beyond relevant and appropriate quotes are not allowed. You have to formulate texts in your own words
  2. Full scans or reproductions of publications going beyond purely illustrative purposes are not allowed. Images for example must always be cropped to the relevant part of the image and have the proper Copyright disclaimer.

Rules-related content

  1. Rules are not allowed.
  2. Point costs are not allowed.
  3. Profile values are not allowed.
  4. Army lists and other organizational descriptions going beyond their pure background relevance are not allowed. Unit descriptions or lists also have to be organized by background terms, not by rule-related terms.
  5. Rules-related unit, powers or equipment descriptions are not allowed. Strictly keep to background-relevant descriptions.
  6. Game tactics are not allowed

Computer and video games

  1. Tactics and information concerning the gameplay are not allowed.

Third party commercial content

  • Advertising for selling your own or other people's armies/ miniatures /services is not allowed.

Non-English language content

Only English can be used in the English language Lexicanum. This does not only apply to the articles but also to User's personal pages and talk page contributions.

Fan-made content

Fan-made content is generally not allowed outside a User's personal page. Limitations and rules apply.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Your own invented armies/chapters/characters.
  2. Images of miniatures painted by you or anybody else if they have not appeared in an official publication.
  3. Drawings and sketches made by by you or anybody else if they have not appeared in an official publication.

Not game- or hobby-related content

Content not directly related to the games is not allowed.

Illegal activities and/ or links

It is not allowed to promote illegal products or services on the Lexicanum.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Links to pirated material or to websites hosting such material.
  2. Links to fake/ reproduction miniatures and material.