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Lexicanum is a joint project with the goal of creating as complete an encyclopedia of the Warhammer universes as possible.

To work on Lexicanum, you must follow the guidelines below. Questions about these can be asked at the Forum.


  • Do not infringe on copyright: The publication of text or pictures without permission of the rightful owner can lead to serious problems for the project. This is especially relevant to Games Workshop and the patent rights regulations are here.
  • Lexicanum is an encyclopedia: Lexicanum should be used to develop an encyclopedia. It is not a dictionary or fan site, and is not a carrier for business interests.
  • Lexicanum is no rulebook: the Lexicanum does not want to replace rulebooks so it's not allowed to include text that belongs to that category, e.g. no posting of rules, point costs, wargear options, doctrines, chapter traits, army lists etc.
  • Respect other users: The participants of Lexicanum come from many different places and backgrounds and often have a different point of view.
  • Neutrality: The neutral point of view tries to present ideas in a way that both those who agree with, and disagree with, can accept the way it is written. It does not demand the acceptance of all, as some ideologies reject all points other than their own. Therefore, the goal should be to create a place where all rational ideas can be collected together in a presentable way.
  • Categories: In order to keep the encyclopedia clear from the beginning, we have created some categories. Whether they are all sensible will show in time. It is compulsory to use the categories provided. The location of the category link should always be at the bottom of the article with every category in its own, separate line. For further information see Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Categories
  • Orthography: Lexicanum does not commit itself to old or new spelling rules. Both are to be respected. The author who wrote the article follows their set of rules and as such subsequent changes must follow the same sets. This avoids having different spellings throughout one article.
  • Naming Conventions: the article title should only consist of the name, so no titles or addendums are allowed (for example colonel, Warlord, the Slaughterer, Planet, Sector etc... If there is more than one article with the same name, a disambiguation has to be created with the corresponding articles listed which are differentiated with explanation in brackets e.g. XY (Imperial Guard), XY (Space Marines) for persons or XY (Person), XY (Planet), XY (Ship) etc. For further information please also read Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Naming Conventions.
  • Images: when uploading images follow the rules here
  • Articles which are based on informations created by national subdivisions of Games Workshop and which are not included in the general background have to be marked with the corresponding Country Templates.
  • Fan Fluff: background information written by fans but not published on official sources is only allowed on user pages and will be removed if encountered elsewhere.
  • Sources/ Citation: it is compulsory that every article includes sources for every bit of information presented. This also applies to changes and additions. Revisions without proper citation will be removed. Please note that paragraphs from different sources have to marked as such.
  • The changing of the content of articles by unidentified users is not acceptable and will be reverted. This does not apply to changes of orthography, grammar and style.

Who is going to enforce these rules?

You as a Lexicanum editor makes you effectivly an editor-in-chief. Active members look at recent changes and correct contents and format. Each participant is at the same time an author and editor and is just as responsible for the content as the next person.

In order to make things easier to navigate (and edit), Lexicanum has a general formatting "style" that should be followed when editing articles. Below are the basic guidelines.

This article is based on the guidelines from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and stands under the GNU license for free documentation. Within Wikipedia is a list of authors available, and there you can work on the article.