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'''Lexicanum''' currently exists in three languages - English, [https://wh40k-de.lexicanum.com/wiki/Hauptseite German] and [https://wh40k-fr.lexicanum.com/wiki/Accueil French].
'''Lexicanum''' currently exists in three languages - English, [[lex_de_wh40k:Hauptseite|German]] and [[lex_fr_wh40k:Accueil|French]].
[[File:German Lexicanum screenshot.jpg|centre|thumb|800px|The German Lexicanum]]
[[File:German Lexicanum screenshot.jpg|centre|thumb|800px|The German Lexicanum]]

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Lexicanum currently exists in three languages - English, German and French.

The German Lexicanum

The French Lexicanum

Although all Lexicanum sites operate on the same server and with certain key roles filled by the same people they have a great degree of independence and though some users are active on more than one site there are of course language-specific user "populations". This also means that other language versions are usually written independently rather than being a translation.

Many pages on the English Lexicanum are also available in other languages. These pages are accessed via the interlanguage (also known as "Interlexicanum") links, visible on the bottom left of a page.

In other languages

Only links to existing different language versions for that page will be displayed. A lack of interlanguage links indicates that there is no equivalent page in any other language.

To learn how to include interlanguage links in articles go here.