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Material and content can be put into Quarantine, i.e. be temporarily removed due to insufficient sources until proper sources and/ or verification have been provided.

General information

Articles can unfortunately sometimes include information (e.g. text or images) that is either completely unsourced or insufficiently sourced, see Help:Citation for a more exhaustive overview on proper and improper citation practices.

As stated in the above mentioned Citation rules: "Any article created without proper sourcing will be deleted. Any changes to existing articles without proper sourcing will be reverted." Sometimes the Lexicanum staff will however opt not for a complete deletion of the content in question but for a Quarantine. That means that the questionable content is removed from the article itself and therefore from the sight of the reader and moved to the article's Discussion page until proper citations have been provided. This means the content is preserved which makes it easier to reintegrate if and when proper citations have been provided.

Reasons for quarantining content include but are not limited to:

  • The content in question was included very long ago at a time when Citation rules were not yet fully formulated and/or strictly enforced. The content in question is however considered to be at least potentially plausible and/or potentially valuable enough to try to find sources for it.
  • Sources are provided but are either incomplete (no specific location inside the source given) or wrong (relevant information not found at specified location). The content in question is however considered to be at least potentially plausible and/or potentially valuable enough to try to find sources for it.
  • Given sources are so rare that they need additional verification.


Who decides if content is quarantined or just deleted altogether

Any Editor can decide if it is worth to quarantine content. Or if it is warranted just to delete it. Remember: Any and all content that is not properly sourced is subject to potential deletion on sight without need for a case-by-case decision. If in doubt if specific content could/should merit a Quarantine feel free to contact an Administrator or other, more experienced editors via their User Talk Pages or go to the Lexicanum's Discord server which has a dedicated Helpdesk channel.

How to quarantine content - a step-by-step guide

1.) Place the Quarantine template at the very top of the article in question by inserting {{Quarantine}}. The template will look like this and alert readers that there is quarantined content regarding the article they are currently reading:

2.) Cut (=remove) and paste the content in question to the top of the article's Discussion page under the heading ==Quarantined content==. Insert the Quarantine start and end templates before and after the quarantined content by inserting {{Quarantine Start}} and {{Quarantine End}} respectively. If possible include a Note with helpful additional information.

This will look like this:

Quarantined text. NOTE: helpful pointers for example about which sources have already been checked or where one could potentially look

Where to find quarantined content

Articles that contain the Quarantine template are automatically listed in the Quarantine category.

How to "de-quarantine" content

To "de-quarantine" content it has to be properly sourced. So if and when a proper source has been found the quarantined information can be moved back to the article page and be deleted from the Quarantined section on the article's Discussion page. Do not forget to clean up the "Quarantined content" section in order to prevent unnecessary research work. Also do not forget to remove all Quarantine templates once all quarantined content has been "de-quarantined".