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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Spacecraft article design

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Explanation: This article will provide you with the required information for building a page on spacecraft. Most of the information for these articles will come from Battlefleet Gothic resources, many of which are free online.



Articles shall in all cases be arranged in a Class system.

The Class System

All vessels have a class ranging from escort to battleship. Therefore each vessel shall be arranged into an article bearing the title of the ship class with the race name as a prefix, for example all Imperial battleships go in an article entitled Imperial Battleships. All titles should be capitalised for simplicity.

These article shall be plural due to the potential quantity of ships within it and, even if there is only one ship within, for the sake of simplicity the article shall be plural as well.

Race Fleet Lists

Articles which are the home article for spacecraft related articles shall be in the format of Race name followed by Space Fleet, for example Eldar Space Fleet or Necron Space Fleet. Former titles such as Necron Fleetforge and Imperial Shipyards should be avoided as a way of making linking consistent throughout.


Whenever referring to a ship, the name should be put in italics. This only applies to actual names such as Triumph and Dominus Astra, not the class of the vessel such as Emperor Class Battleship.

Internal Design

A short introduction shall give a brief overview of the contents of the article, as with all articles. The first mention of the name should be in the first sentence and in bold.

Level 2 Headings shall then be used to give the name of the type of vessel, for example Avenger Class. The class name of the vessels is not necessary as all of the vessels in the article are the of the same class. Adding Class to the name also makes the page look better, rather than just being a random scattering of names.

The first thing should be to insert a picture of the ship being described. See Lexicanum:Media for assistance. Each picture should be 150px, thumbed with the name of the type of ship with the name of the article as a suffix, for example Apocalypse Class Battleship.

Within each heading shall be a description of the vessel. The first paragraph shall include physical information such as armament and dimensions. The second paragraph shall include theoretical information, such as tactics and the history of the vessel. A third paragraph can be inserted giving information on named ships where background has been given, for example specific ships and the mission they were made famous on for example. Finally, another paragraph stating the names of known vessels of that type should exist if there are any other known vessels not mentioned in the previous paragraph. The formatting should be as follows:

Other known X Class ships include ''Ship Name'', ''Ship Name 2'' etc.


Sourcing should be completed as in any and all other articles. See Lexicanum:Sourcing for assistance.


The final content item to put in an article is the template. To aid internal navigation, a navigation template named Template:Space Fleets should be inserted under the sourcing section. This will give links to all articles made on a race level but shall not include descriptions of the content.

Final Checks

Things to do:

  • Sourcing - check your sourcing! Make sure it is correct and complete
  • Categorise - insert the correct category. Category:Naval Vessels is the one for these articles as well as the main race category (or Imperial Navy for the Imperium)
  • Inter-wiki - make sure there are interwiki links in each article to German and French articles. There will probably not be an article exactly the same but should be articles for each ship individually which should be linked to using the appropriate format
  • Portal Box - finally a portal box should exist in the top right hand corner and be the first thing in the article. See Lexicanum:Portals for assistance