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Helpful Articles

Below is a list of templates that are used on Lexicanum to help standardize articles and make editing easier. For more information on the style of formatting used on Lexicanum, see General Formatting.


  • Deletions - template to mark articles for deletion.
  • Citations - template to mark articles with insufficient citation.
  • Stub - Template to mark an article as a stub that needs to be expanded.
  • Disambiguation - Template to explain that a particular article is being used to disambiguate between two or more possible meanings (for example, Leman Russ).
  • Incomplete Articles - A page that is too long to be a stub but is not complete.
  • Help box for help pages
  • Timeline - articles with dates that still have to be included in the Timeline
  • Attention - articles which need attention
  • No Fan-Fluff - articles that are suspected to be fan-fluff
  • Missing map - articles that should be improved by adding a map
  • Problems - for users whose work in the Lexicanum needs to be improved
  • Work in Progress - articles that are created or revised






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