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Helpful articles

Wikilinks and Internal Linking

A major part of Lexicanum is its interconnectiviy. The use of internal links between articles helps other users to find out information related to the article they are reading. They are simply words that you click on to go to an article with that name (or a similar one).

When to use a link

The best way to learn when to use a link is to look at articles already produced. Another useful method is to think to yourself "would I know what that meant if I was reading it?". Generally, in the case of Lexicanum, a link to anything related to Warhammer 40,000 is useful, from Cadia to Zoanthropes!

How to make a link

If you link to another article within Lexicanum, you must use double parentheses (square brackets) like this: [[articleX]]. This would make a link to the article called articleX (in actual fact it would link to ArticleX as the first letter of every link is automatically capitalised).

If the link points to an article with a title that is different to that of the link, you can specify a different title for that link. This is done by putting a Pipe ( | ) after the article name you are linking to and then write the name you want it to display after the pipe, like this: [[Blackstone Fortress|Talismans of Vaul]] where Blackstone Fortress is the article and Talismans of Vaul will be the link wording.

Other useful linking options

The most common case of broken links is when linking to an article in the singular but you put it in the plural. There is a simple way to overcome this by making your link into the singular and then puttng the plural s after the closing brackets like this: [[Space Marine]]s . This extends the wording of the link to Space Marines but while actually linking to Space Marine. There is no point in writing [[Space Marine|Space Marines]] when you can just push the s out of the box!

It can also be used with words other than s, such as [[Rending]]Claws although putting an apostrophe after the close brackets will not be included in the linked wording.

External Web Links

If you want to make a link to a site outside of Lexicanum, the simplest method of creating an external link is simply to type out the complete address like this: http://www.google.co.uk

Lexicanum will then automatically make it an external link to that address. This is not commonly used as it makes the article untidy and doesn't always give a hint as to the content of the page and whether it is actually relevent to the article.

In order to hide the complete address, the use of parenthesis (square brackets) is required, but this time only one pair of brackets, like this: [http://www.google.co.uk].

It is, like internal linking, possible to make it show different text to that of the address. This time, unlike internal links, you don't use a Pipe ( | ) but just leaving a space after the address and then writing the title is sufficient, like this: [http://www.google.co.uk English Google] .

It will then look something this: English Google

You can always practice this in the Immaterium or continue to the next Tutorial (Page 4).

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