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Discussion Pages

A unique characteristic of Lexicanum is the possibility to discuss the contents of the related article with other people.

If you want to ask a question concerning an article, you can simply write a note on the article discussion page. You can simply click "Discussion" at the top left of the article page. If the word is red it simply means there is no page of comments for this article, and you will be the first to post there.

Just add your comment to the bottom of a page if it a new conversation topic. You can add a line underneath someone else's comments to seperate them. If you are responding to someone else's comments, put your words just after the other person's comment. You can use a ":" (colon) at the start of the line to indent your writing.

It is important to sign your comments and notes. Put ~~~ (three tildes) and it will show your name. If you use four tildes it will add the date and time. This only happens when you save the page. Most discussions use the date and time as it is easier to follow a discussion.

It is also possible to use "*" (star) to make bullet points (normally used for lists). Simply put a "*" at the start of the line to bullet it.

In order to use numbers, simply place a # (hash) at the start of the line like when making bullet points.

Here is an example of a well structured discussion:

Hello, I have a question on the article. I am rather sure that there is a yellow elephant in New York! -- UserA

When I was last in New York, I only saw green elephants. -- UserB
You should quote a source for it. -- UserC
These two important magazines of Elephantologie agree with me: -- UserB, 23.04.03
  • Elephants Monthly
  • Elephants World
I live in Australia, there the elephants look like Kangaroos. Who agrees me?
  1. Mrs. X
  2. Ms. Y
  3. Mr. Z

Now, practice this in the Immaterium and then procede with the Tutorial (Page 6).

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