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Warhammer Siege

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Warhammer Siege
Author(s) Rick Priestley
Editor(s) Phil Gallagher
Cover Artist Ian Miller
Illustrator(s) Ian Miller, Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, Nick Bibby, Paul Bonner, Angus Fieldhouse, Dave Gallagher, H, Tony Hough, Russ Nicholson, Stephen Tappin, Nick Williams
Released 1988
Pages 140
ISBN 1-869893-44-1

Published in 1988, Warhammer Siege is an expansion book for the games of Warhammer Fantasy Battle: 3rd Edition and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader.

General Structure

The book has 140 pages with the cover printed in color. The majority of the books contents are printed in black and white with some images of miniatures and a few illustrations in colour.

The book was released in conjunction with The Mighty Fortress, a polystyrene castle that is now out of production, and introduced rules for fighting sieges in both the fantasy and rogue trader worlds, and even gave rules and suggestions for mixing the two.

The first 90 pages of the book provide the rules for use with Warhammer Fantasy Battle, though they are largely applicable to Rogue Trader as well.

The last 50 pages provide rules specific to Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader including new weapons and equipment, siege dreadnoughts and army list additions for the Imperial, Ork and Eldar armies.


  • The Fantasy Siege
    • Building a Castle
    • The Anatomy of a Castle
    • Using the Castle Map
    • Movement in the Castle
    • Combat in the Castle
    • Missile Fire
    • Structural Damage
    • Gates and Doors
    • Assaulting the Ramparts
    • Defending the Walls
    • Large Humanoids in the Game
    • Starting the Game
    • Introducing the Strategic Map
    • Strategic Time
    • Foraging
    • Siege Machines
    • Supplies
    • Construction
    • Flying Creatures
    • Magic
    • Fire
    • Expanding the Castle
    • Glossary
  • Sieges in the 41st Millennium
    • The Siege Rules
    • Setting Up a Siege Battle
    • Defending the Fortress
    • Assault
    • Fortress Composition
    • Example Fortresses
    • Army List Additions

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