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Warlock (Harlequin)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Harlequin Warlocks; for the Craftworld Warlocks, see Warlock.


Warlock miniature

Warlocks are a type of elite Harlequin warrior.

These high-level Psykers typically use their mental powers to support a Harlequin advance, a tactic augmented by their long-range weaponry which includes Shuriken Pistols or Harlequin's Kiss Pistols as well as Grenade Launchers capable of shooting a wide variety of grenades.[2]

High warlocks

High Warlock Miniature

High Warlock, also called Athesdans, are a type of Harlequin.

The most senior Warlock in the masque becomes the High Warlock, who may step in to overrule directions issued by the Avatars, up to separating them from their troupes and banding them together as a unit. The High Warlock also acts as direct support to the High Avatar, on and off the stage.[1]


Harlequin Forces
Command High AvatarHigh Warlock
Specialists ShadowseerDeath JesterSolitaireWarlockMaster Mime
Troops TrouperTroupe MasterMime
Vehicles SkyweaverStarweaverEldar JetbikeVenom
Heavy Support Voidweaver