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Warp Storm (rulebook)

Cover of Warp Storm

Warp Storm is a compendium of articles for the Battlefleet Gothic game, published by Games Workshop in 2000. It largely features reprinted White Dwarf articles, but also contains original content in the form of additional rules and background material.


Rules and Scenarios

  • Torpedoes Away! - new Torpedo rules
  • Advanced Rules - for Ordnance
  • Brace for Impact! - FAQ
  • The Battle of Callavell - scenario
  • Convoy Run Variants - alternative scenario rules
  • Creating a Sub-Sector Map
  • Death From the Skies - combining BFG with WH40K and Epic 40K game systems
  • Abaddon the Despoiler - special character rules
  • Planet Killer - magazine preview section; contains rules for torpedoes, warp beasts, eldar refits and a new Imperial ship


  • Lord Raethmon's Masterclass - fleet tactics
  • Out of the Warp! - Chaos fleet construction
  • Fighting the Eldar - anti-Eldar tactics
  • De'Aynes Fighting Ships of the Gothic Sector - tactica for various Imperial, Chaos , Eldar and Ork ships


Hobby Sections

  • In The Beginning - planet construction
  • Battlefleet Atkins - Imperial fleet
  • Plaguefleet - Nurgle fleet
  • Waaagh! Fleet Gorbag - Ork fleet
  • Ork Fleet Colour Schemes

New Ships

Fleet Lists

Battle Reports

  • Hunter, Prey - Imperial vs Eldar
  • War Over Calydon - Imperial vs Chaos

Authors, Artists and Coworkers

During the production of this book, the following persons were involved considerably.


  • Tim Adcock
  • Dave Andrews
  • Rich Baker
  • Jim Butler
  • David Camburn
  • John Carter
  • Andy Chambers
  • Kenny Goodman
  • Michael Powers
  • Gordon Rennie
  • Christian Richnow
  • Simon Shuker
  • Pavel Stafa
  • Gav Thorpe
  • Che Webster


  • John Blanche
  • Alex Boyd
  • Wayne England
  • Des Hanley
  • Neil Hodgeson
  • Nuala Kinrade
  • Paul Smith
  • John Wigley

Other Details

Publication Details

  • ISBN 1-84154-121-4

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