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Y'hol is a Fire Warrior of the T'au Empire, born on the distant Sept World of D'yanoi. Y'hol is constantly scrutinizing the smallest details of his equipment, which had made him a constant source of amusement for his friends, fellow Fire Warriors La'Kais and Ju, ever since they had begun their training together.[1a]


When Meyloch Severus, Planetary Governor of Dolumar IV, had the Ethereal Ko'vash captured from the nearby Tau Sept World of Kuu'lan[1c], Y'hol was part of the forces sent aboard the Tau warship Or'es Tash'var to attack the planet to free Ko'vash, though he and his fellow Fire Warriors were unaware of their mission at first. He would be part of the same Fire Warrior team as La'Kais and Ju when the Tau attacked Lettica, a major city of Dolumar IV[1a], in what would later be discovered to have been a feint attack. Y'hol was thought to have been killed in the battle, when the Tau began to evacuate their forces when the 19th Glamorgian Regiment of the Imperial Guard began to overwhelm them. In truth Y'hol had suffered a crippling wound to his leg and was captured by the 19th Glamorgian, who took him to the vast prison complex located on Dolumar IV, with other captured Fire Warriors. There, to Y'hol's surprise, his wounds were treated enough for him to survive, as the prison's guards wanted him to be interrogated before he was killed. He would sit in a cell until he was freed by a surprised La'Kais, who had infiltrated the prison to free the captured Ethereal Ko'vash, the real target of the Tau's attack on the planet. La'Kais then sent Y'hol, along with the other Fire Warriors he freed, to be evacuated back to the Or'es Tash'var as he went on to free Ko'vash.[1b]

Once on board the warship it came under attack from Battlefleet Ultima Primus[1c], which launched a boarding attack on the Or'es Tash'var to capture both the warship and Ko'vash. The Tau successfully defended the warship and afterwards, Tau reinforcements arrived above Dolumar IV and began attacking the Battlefleet, allowing the Tau to successfully board their flagship the Enduring Blade.[1d] This forced the outnumbered Battlefleet to open peace talks with the Tau. Y'hol's injuries would leave him out of the subsequent battles which saw Meyloch Severus revealed as a heretic, when he unleashed a Chaos warhost during the peace talks.[1e] This resulted in the Tau and Imperium working together[1f] to defeat his plot to free the Lord of Change Tarkh'ax on Dolumar IV. Though Ko'vash was killed in the process, Severus was defeated and Tarkh'ax banished back to the Warp, mostly due to the efforts of La'Kais. When the Tau peacefully left Dolumar IV to return to the Empire, Ju and Y'hol, now equipped with an augmetic leg, were brought by their commander El'Lusha to Or'es Tash'var's medical bay to visit La'Kais. They were left shocked and saddened to see La'kais had been left a broken former shell of himself by his experience fighting on Dolumar IV.[1g]