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Yehoel is a Dark Angels Codicier and he aided in defending The Rock, during the Fallen Angel Marbas' invasion of the Fortress-Monastery.[1]

After Marbas' forces retreated, it was discovered that a large number of Chaos artefacts held in The Rock's vaults had been stolen, during the invasion. Yehoel would then be chosen to be among the Dark Angels sent to recover or destroy these artefacts in M42. Working alongside the Interrogator-Chaplain Palaliah, Yehoel took part in reclaiming Malaghurst's Bane, as well as destroying both the Goblet of Arkitonh and the Illustraean Veil. Though Palaliah is convinced they will succeed in their task, Yehoel secretly doubts they can ever recover or destroy all the artefacts that were stolen. The two are currently searching the Chaos warship Nine Devout Deceits for the Dirge of Lusiann, while also fighting of its crew. However as Yehoel's Psychic powers drew them to the Dirge's location, he noticed they had not been attacked for sometime. This troubled the Codicier, but they found the room that contained the Dirge shortly afterwards. When they neared it, though, the door opened and screams began to be heard.[1]