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Por'el T'au Yis'ten was the foremost Water Caste diplomat on board the Tau warship Or'es Tash'var[1a] as it delivered Fire Warriors to the Imperium planet of Dolumar IV, where the captured Ethereal Ko'vash was being held. After his successful rescue, the Battlefleet Ultima Primus, led by its flagship the Enduring Blade, attacked the Or'es Tash'var and commenced boarding actions to disable the warship and reclaim Ko'vash.[1a] Throughout the attack, El'Yis'ten would try to contact the Battlefleet in order to open diplomatic talks and end the hostilities, but would receive no answer.[1a] It was only after more Tau warships arrived in the system, outnumbering the Battlefleet, and the Enduring Blade was successfully boarded, that Lord Admiral Benedil Constantine was pressured to open diplomatic talks.[1b]

El'Yis'ten would board the Enduring Blade, where the talks were to be held, with Ko'vash and an armed guard. The talks would not get far, however, before the Planetary Governor of Dolumar IV, Meyloch Severus, barged into the room and declared there would be no peace talks between the Tau and Imperium. As the Admiral tried to get him to be quiet Severus, who was secretly a heretic, killed a nearby Stormtrooper and used his blood to complete a Chaos ritual. As a Warp portal appeared in the room, a surprised El'Yis'ten stood to ask what was happening and was immediately decapitated by Keraz the Violator while a Chaos warhost materialized and began wreaking havoc aboard the doomed Enduring Blade.[1b]