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Zadkiel (Daemon Prince)

Zadkiel is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch.[1]

The Blood Angels Librarian Mephiston believes Zadkiel to be a particularly dangerous Daemon, intended to become the herald of a new Tzeentchian empire in the Materium. Mephiston sees the Daemon as an immense threat should his plans be allowed to succeed, and now hunts him across the Galaxy.[1]

Zadkiel has been summoned to Prospero by Magnus and manipulated the Thousand Sons Magister Lyræ to his own ends.[1a] He intended to summon Silver Towers on Terra to accelerate mutation and enhance the growth of Psykers on Humanity's throneworld.[1b] However due to the efforts of Mephiston Zadkiel bungled the summoning ritual, sending the Silver Towers back into the Labyrinth of Tzeentch. In a rage, Magnus banished him to the Warp for an eternity of torment.[1c]