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Legionary Zediel[1]

Zediel was a member of the Dark Angels during the Horus Heresy.[1]

Part of the 42nd Order, Zediel was a simple line infantryman but also bore the rank of Proctor within the Stormwing and that of Cenobite within the Order of the Crimson Field. Due to his higher Stormwing rank he was often called upon to advise the Sergeants of his squad on tactics and organization. He mounts the Edict of Incorporation on his left vambrace, the left hand being that associated with the Orders Militant, and signifying a warrior honored by selection to stand part of a Cenobium in battle.[1]

Zediel survived the Thramas Crusade to great honor, fighting in the vanguard of the assault on Sheol IX. There he and his unit formed a vital part of the force that cut the Night Lords off from theirs hips. By the end of the battle his company had been rendered almost ineffective, with almost 50% casualties.[1]