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Zhrukal Androcles

Zhrukal Androcles is the Captain of the Star Phantoms 9th Company. He is known as the 'Siegebreaker'.[1]


Regarded as a grim and relentless warrior, Zhrukhal made his name battling Sentrek Freemen Traitor Guard as a Devastator Sergeant. During this engagement his squad scored 58 tank kills in a single day's fighting. Later during the Battle of Orsha, Androles breached and captured the Renegade's Leviathan. Following these accomplishments he was swiftly promoted to Captain of the 9th Company.[1]

During the Badab War, Zhrukal led the Star Phantoms contingent against the Palace of Thorns on Badab Primaris. In the climatic final battle Zhrukhal's forces encountered Lufgt Huron and his entourage and were wiped out to a man, but not before the dying Captain grievously injured the Tyrant of Badab.[1]