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'Fingers' Vagin

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Dossier picture of 'Fingers' Vagin[1a]

Vagin has a long history of petty crime. His criminal file includes charges that include theft, small-time black marketing, racketeering and even forgery.[1a] His sticky 'fingers' border on kleptomania and Vagin himself admits that he simply can't stop stealing things.[1b] Eventually his string of small-time criminal activities landed him on the penal colony of C'Gataw where he came to the notice of Colonel Schaeffer.[1a]

Now a member of the 13th Penal Legion 'Fingers' Vagin puts his talents of procurement to good use. Able to get his hands on virtually anything Vagin keeps the "Last Chancers" stocked with specialty items, especially custom missiles for his friend 'Rocket Girl' Mikhaels. Whatever the relationship is between these two, Vagin acts as her loader and keeps her equipped with a variety of custom ordnance. When taking to the field Vagin is armed with a lasgun, in addition to Rocket Girl's missiles.[1a]