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10th Company (Sons of Horus)

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The 10th Company, or 10th Battle Company,[2] of the Sons of Horus Legion (formerly the Luna Wolves Legion) was active during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

Siege of Terra

During the Horus Heresy's Siege of Terra, they were led by Captain Selgar Dorgaddon. As the invasion neared its end, the 10th Company came across a large group of mostly civilian Imperials, near the Imperial Palace's Sanctum Imperialis, that Euphrati Keeler was attempting to lead to safety. Dorgaddon gave the order to kill them, but the Captain was suddenly killed by the Emperor's Champion Sigismund, before the 10th could land a blow.[4a] The Company then attacked Sigismund to avenge Dorgaddon, but moments later, the Emperor's Champion's own forces launched a surprise attack upon them. This caught the 10th off guard and they were overwhelmed in moments. The Company's formations broke down under the attacks of Sigismund's forces and the surviving members of the 10th attempted to flee to safety. However Sigismund's forces immediately hunted down the 10th's remnants and ensured that the Company was destroyed.[4b]

Known Actions





A number of 10th Company's squadron names are based on types of poison.