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10th Company (Ultramarines)

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Banner of the 10th Company[5]

The 10th Company of the Ultramarines, known as the Scions of Ultramar, consists of the Scouts, reconnaissance specialists, and Neophytes of the Chapter.


The Ultramarines 10th Company serves the dual roles of the Chapter’s training corps and also its forward operations and infiltration force. To this end, it fields a force of 100 Vanguard Space Marines alongside the steady influx of inductees beginning their combat training in the hopes of ascending to become full battle-brothers.[Needs Citation]

Its members are recruited from the worlds of Ultramar itself, often from superstitious tribesmen of Death Worlds. Academies exist throughout Ultramar that take those sons and attempt to prepare them for the rigors of joining the Chapter. Many do not survive the trials. Many of those who fail but survive become valued Chapter serfs or officers of the Ultramar Auxilia instead of Space Marines. At times, the Chapter’s Scout Squads support the operations of their company’s Vanguard brethren or the Battle Companies, learning as they fight. At others the Vanguard work alone, completing vital missions deep behind the enemy’s frontlines.[Needs Citation]

Notable Actions

Notable Members