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Valhallan 12th Field Artillery

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The Valhallan 12th Field Artillery is a Valhallan Artillery Regiment of the Astra Militarum.[1]

The 12th Field Artillery is notable for being the first regiment that Ciaphas Cain was assigned to following his graduation to full Commissar. Cain was the first Commissar to be assigned to the regiment; prior to this point it was not considered necessary, but Cain had managed (by gambling with an Administratum worker) to get himself assigned to an artillery regiment in order to stay as far away from the front lines as possible.[1]


The regiment saw action on Desolatia IV, first against a raiding Ork warband and later in the defence of the planet against a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth.[1]

Some time later the regiment was amongst those deployed on Gravalax to reinforce the planet in the event of an attempt by the t'au to annex it.[2b]


The 12th Field Artillery is known to feature batteries of Earthshakers and Hydras.[1] They also possessed a complement of Trojans for towing the artillery pieces into position.[2b]

Known Members

Imperial Guard


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