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13th/5th Imperial Army

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13th/5th ("Hylgar's Hell-raisers")[Needs Citation]
Imperial Army[Needs Citation]
Active c.975 - c.988.M41[Needs Citation]
Branch Imperial Army[Needs Citation]
Homeworld Unknown
Type Army[Needs Citation]
Commanders Julius Hylgar[Needs Citation]

The 13th/5th Imperial Army, also known as Hylgar's Hell-raisers, was a formation of the Imperial Army. Although recorded in Imperial records as an Imperial Guard formation of the 41st millennium (active c.975 - 988.M41), many of its elements are in fact highly archaic in current times. What is known is that its regimental name designates it as the 13th Imperial Army of the 5th quadrant, and that it was commanded by Julius Hylgar, a senior member of the Administratum.[1]

Imperial Commander Julius Hylgar

Julius Hylgar was an erudite that due to his personal qualities of high enthusiasm and dedication was appointed to the personal staff of great general Marcus Aurelius. He lerned tapidly and after a brief period he already had the rank of Imperial Commander, and carried the titles "Cardinal of Kolarne" and "Grand Marnier Militaris." This latter title was a Priesthood title used in the Administratus Militarium, the Administratum's martial branch (which could possibly be considered an antecedent of the current Departmento Munitorum). Hylgar had access to three warp-capable spacecraft for his private use.[1]

Army composition

The army consisted of 12 Brigades, which were garrisoned in the Kolarne System. Each brigade was under the command of a Brigadier-General and was divided into ten companies, each under the command of a captain.[1]

The Hell-raisers contained a number of abhuman squads, including Squats and Ogryns. The army had access to various heavy armour and support weapons including Land Raiders, Land Speeders, Rapiers, Tarantulas and Mole Mortars.[1]

The 10th Company had the task of maintaining order in Kolarne, as well as protecting the region from attacks by Eldar Pirates and Orks.[1]

Squad types of the 10th Company

  • "Tornadoes" - Tactical Squads[1]
  • "Forge Fires" - Squat Tactical Squads[1]
  • "Cyclones" - Assault Squads[1]
  • "Thunderbolts" - Squat Assault Squads[1]
  • "Hurricanes" - Guard Squads[1]
  • "Volcanoes" - Squat Guard Squads[1]
  • "Whirlwinds" - Striker Squads[1]
  • "Iron Hammers" - Squat Striker Squads[1]
  • "Destroyers" - Ogryn Squads[1]
  • "Eagles" - Recon Squads[1]


Conflicting sources

While not exactly in conflict, the original background comes from early 1st Edition and contradicts organizational and equipment-technical characteristics in the current background. In addition its commander Hylgar carried both Ecclesiarchal and military titles, something which in later background was written in as forbidden since the Age of Apostasy.[Needs Citation]

However, Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex) also mentions this old regiment, bringing attention to the highly unconventional and archaic nature of a supposedly current army, concluding that it actually existed before the Horus Heresy.[2][Needs Citation]

A problem with this conclusion however is that the Ecclesiarchy (the Imperial records describe the army commander as holding a position in as Cardinal) was only established as an Imperial organization many years after the Heresy.[Needs Citation]